My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


35. Maybe

Maybe I'll write something cheery for a change

But then even Edith Piaf's 'La Vie en Rose' is tinged with sadness

Perhaps the thought of contentment is within my range

But mountains of molehills make it hard to see past the distance


Like the artificial light that makes the stars hide further in the shadows

So our hopes become weighed with the anticipation of the bad

And a single disappointment makes all the good crumble like dominoes

And that smile that was pushing through is pulled back by the sad


Maybe we need to stop focussing on the little mistakes

Maybe we need to remember that despite the falls, we still stand

Maybe we need to remind others of the solidarity hidden in handshakes

And that there is strength in the simple act of an outstretched hand


Countries have boundaries and people have walls

Children know nothing of this but slowly they pick their side

Maybe hugs and niceties should be auctioned in stalls

Maybe we should teach our youth the power of being allied


A stranger cried in a corner and others simply walked on by

Then someone stopped, touched his shoulder and gave him a smile

The slump in his posture disappeared, so did the emptiness in his eyes

And just like that despair and solitude were made beguile


We are not a mean or selfish race

We are not wholly made of malice or bad faith

But, confusing it for being our weakness, we hide our grace ...

Maybe we should own it and not yearn in its wraith

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