My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


9. Lust

She went home with him, spread her legs and spent the night

The next day, he asked her to hang around because it felt right

You see, he was a horny bastard and her pussy was tight

So he kept her close and never too far out of his sight


She stayed to feel loved, or at least needed...used even

She was young, naive, besotted...thinking of herself as a vixen

She was just out of her teens, barely legal to drink

She was no longer a little girl...she did not like pink


He must like me if he's kissing me like this

He must want me if he's pounding me like this

He must, He must, HE MUST...

These dreams of him and I will not crumble to dust


But they do, as they always do, eventually 

Realisation dawns upon her that they are not meant to be

No! Not used again...No! But he said he liked me..No!

Now she feels dirty, lonely like a little girl who's yet to grow


She goes out tonight, roams the streets in innocent delight

Hello darling. come sit near me and show me that smile of yours so bright

And she saunters off again, happy with her new friend

Whilst he checks her ass and brings conversation to an end...








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