My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


4. It Rained of Pain and Hurt

She'll stamp her feet and the earth will quake

She'll sigh out loud and the winds will howl

She'll shed a tear and the land will be flooded

She'll smile and the sun will shine out bright in a cloudless sky


I'll call her a child of the Earth

She'll run barefeet and radiate in mirth

Innocent and glorious

It leaves me lighthearted and envious

Carefree and estranged to responsibility

She'll give me every reason to be

She'll marvel at a flower

She'll embrace the possibility of every hour

She is my blood, my child

She will be born to be wild


She was meant to be mine

She was meant to grow up and shine

But all she ever had was darkness and soft bone

A ruptured placenta and dreams torn


Fingering the blood on my thigh, I shook

The earth opened up whilst all I could do was look 

Thunder roared but my cry was deafening

The trees swayed left and right, my pulse was threatening

It rained of pain an hurt that night

The gods thrust lightning with all their might...






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