My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


12. For You

I love you

I have for one year and that is true

Date One: Hyde Park

We fed ducks and sat on the bench til dark

Date Two: Your Place

I got so drunk I should have hidden my face

But you took care of me and got me home

You ran away but came back with the nickname 'my little drunk gnome'

I love you like no other

Because despite the clichees, we are so similar

You are my german duck

And on our memories I am incessantly stuck

Now you've moved away

And until your next visit I keep crossing out each day

Our first meeting

It always gets me laughing

How stupid and sincere we were

And I still have petals of that first flower

The one you gave me

Because you knew I was angry

That single red rose

Reminds me of how I place a kiss on your nose

How you snore whilst holding me tight

How being with you feels so right

It's my first love poem, for you and for us

You'll laugh and make me fuss

But your smile still blows me away

My german duck, Happy Valentine's day

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