My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


34. Branded

I live in confusion... Is the reality actually the illusion? Or is it really the nonsense that society makes it out to be? I've been told one is judged on their merits... But then prejudice at the knowledge of a name is what I see The reputation of the forefathers is that one inherits The flags we rally behind are the margins to which we are streamlined The colours we wear is the burden we seem to bear The company we hold is the character of which we are the mould The car we drive is the class in which we thrive Today, we cry shame on those who gender stereotype Let the disney princesses save their prince...or maybe become one Pray that the homophobes and transgenders smoke the peace pipe Women wear the pants in the house...outside skirts should be worn by the men Shame on those who call the bearded man a terrorist Shame on those who do not look past the fat girl's weight Shame on those who fight old women with their fists Shame on those who murmur about that man's mental state I am of a colourof a caste, of a religion, of a name, of a sexuality, of an education, of a status, of a shape, of a culture, of a gender, of a mother and a father.... But I also am Of a mind of my own, independent of any of the above qualification Of a personality of my own, which is not solely based on academic education Of a heart of my own, which makes me loved by some and not so much by others Of a faith of my won, which allows me to choose my own path amidst the ruffled feathers So if I say something Bear me the respect of listening And knowing that is it not a brand speaking
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