My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


16. An Explanation?

I am not proud of what I am

For all I feel, my life is a sham

But war wounds and love bites

I will stay and face the fights

I hold no belief for society's rule

Of obsolete principles, I shall not be a fool


You may judge me for what I do

But know that I've seen the devil and his crew

They beckoned me forth

Ushered me close and pointed to the North

You want to live there? 

Let us tempt you and into your future, have a stare


See how happy you could be?!

A soul for your lover

And fear no further


Oh the torpedo, the see-saw of right and wrong in my mind

Yes-No, to and fro...temptress, I beg you, don't turn me blind

Oh the splitting headache, even Zeus did not suffer so much for Athena

Lucifer, back off, give me a break! I shall not prove as weak as Pandora...


So I reserve my right to self indulgence

I shall snub off your rules with arrogance

I shall provoke your limits with marginality

Let me break this taboo with individuality


Now, walk on and let me be

I love, I live and may you remain happy.




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