~A night un-passed ~


1. A night un-passed

Many nights passed after that night,
under the shadow of that night,
which we passed together;
in a crowded railway compartment
looking into each other's eye
getting worried about the eyes
following us,
still indifferent about them.
I still remember,
how that old lady stared us,
when I use to hold your hand.

Moments of that night passed awake
are still awake,
in every moment of my nights.
I still sometimes wake up suddenly
as we woke up many times that night,
after getting collapsed into each other
and used to look each other
with dream-laden eyes and
confused your face with a beautiful dream.
I hope, you still remember the caress
on your forehead, which I earned
when you were sleeping on my lapse
and I watched you, like a dream.

I often wake up early
to search the nascent sun
which we portrayed together
on the canvas of the yawning dawn
I couldn't find that sun
but I have preserved its rays
in my eyes.
I don't have that night
but I have ensconced its serenity
though I don't have you, but I still have
your memories

-Prashant :)

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