~Reminiscence ~


1. Reminiscence

Rustle of the words
strewed in my path
pierce a hole in the silence
allowing the reminiscence to intrude
and inundate me
with its droplets.

Petrichor rising from the soil
wet with gleam of the moments,
invading my senses,
and carrying me in its trance...

Glistened those moments
wallowed in the soil
half buried in the ground,
half peeping out of the earth,
gaping at me with the hope
that I'll nurture them by
completing few incomplete sentences
imparting voice to few unsaid words
completing some abstract verses
and filling the colours in the rainbow,
which I left black and white;
so that they can grow
into a plant of time
on which will sprout
flowers of mirth
guarded by thorns of grief.

From those flowers
will rise fragrance
weaving a face in the air...
As the rays of the sun
penetrate across the droplets of the dew
draped on these flowers
will scatter into a rainbow.
Yes, the same rainbow
which I left black and white,
and traversed back across the time
to fill colours in it.....

I ignore the rustle of the words
strewn in my path,
as I walk over them..
crushing them under my footsteps...
-Prashant :)

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