Life without you....

This is a story about a girl called Sammie who's life and family was torn apart by war.

Life without you is a story about a young girl's family who is torn apart by the tragic war, a family torn up and ripped to shreads, like an old piece of paper.


2. A year on

Its now been a year since Mum and Dad left, and we are all missing them deeply, its coming up to Christmas so its going to be pretty rubbish this year because none of us have any money to buy eachother presents Suzie said she would cook us all a nice family meal but its not exactly a family meal without your real faily but the thoughts there.

Every night in every dream i wish for that someday me, mum, dad, Emma and Chloe will all be a proper family again but it will not be for a long while yet.

Dad is expected home someone before Christmas, but we havent had a call for that to all become definate, everytime the phone rings i anxiously run towards it hoping it will be Dad saying he will be home for Christmas, but it never is.

Today me, Chloe and Emma went out onto the streets while there was no air raid sirens due to go off any time soon, we ventured into the depts of all the destoryed shops and houses, whilst doing that we found burnt down pictures and sweets which had been cremated in the droppings off the bombs. Emma slowly picked one up and lifted it towards her mouth slowly unwrapped it and lightly moved her touge across the top, she made a face which looked like she had just walked into a plate glass door."Nice?" i said "Nasty" she answered Then Chloe tried a bit, "Thats revolting" finally i tried some " yuck" it tasted like sour milk which had been sat in the sun for about a week.

We spent hours that day looking and searching through piles and piles of rubble, we were just heading home when a man came up behind us and dragged us kicking and screaming, he took us down into his cellar and said to us "how old are you children?" I replied anxiously not knowing what he was going to do with us "13" i said  "9" Chloe said quietly "5" Emma said not really knowing what was really going on.

Hours later i asked him what he wanted with us and when could we go home? i was so scared i thought he might use us for slavery or something horrible like that i'd seen that happen  loads on the television and i didn't want it to happen to me. Turns out he thought we were stray children looking for a home and shelter i said to him "sorry sir but we already have a home not with our real parents, because My dad was forced to go to war and mum left when tmes got tough so its just me and my siblings fending for ourselves, but thank you for the offer, its very kind of you" the kind old man replied back to me "that must have been very hard for children of your age to cope especially with a war going on right outside your doorstep, did your mother ever think of you in all this or did she just think about herself?" i said back to him " well thats not really fair because my mum has been through a lot recently and she just had a lot to think about, we are hoping to get a call from our dad soon so we must be on our way, but thank you for the blankets and the hot choco, goodbye"

As soon as we got home Suzie was on our case "Thank goodness children i was just about to call the police, where on earth have you been?" "Sorry Suzie a kind old man saw us diging in the rubble and thought we were poor little orpans and took us back to his cellar and gave us these blankets and some hot choco, he was really quite nice!" Suzie replied back in relief " well thats ok your home safe, now wash your hands and help me make dinner"

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