1. We

Yesterday goes away and we wait for tomorrow to come

We don’t know where we’re going but wonder where we’re from

The new day may dawn but we remain carved from stone

The earth may still revolve; we’ll always end up a pile of bones

Stashed under the ground, blackened to ashes, tossed in the waves

We revolt, we riot, hope for change through our rants and raves

I talk about ‘we’, associating you with me, making you a part of me

Because ‘We’ is a single entity, behind different shadows we share the same identity

Like moths to a light, like fish to a bait, for nothingness we are prepared to fight

Human beyond repair, our fate converges towards despair

Robot to a routine, our flesh covers the joints of a machine

Separate we cannot be, together we resent to be

So where is the compromise, the solution to our demise?

How do we turn We into Him, Her, You and Me?

How do we turn We into Him, Her, You and Me?

I wish we had a clue, because alone none of us will make it through.

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