The Unbroken Promise

A love started in a friendship. Lies and Passion hide each other in every occation. Every love story has its time, and reasons, we might get hurt and so is the love burning within us .


1. The Enigma of Lies

                      We see love as an affection or an admiration in which we show deep compassion to others. God teaches us to love our family, our neighbors and even to love our enemies. Science tells us that a girl should love the opposite and the like. We compare love as of a battery, negative and positive but what if these love of friends exceed the laws of God and nature will you still pursue? Or will you give what is rightfully to the right? The story of this young boy tells us that in love there is no boundaries, there’s no rules and it is a game of conscience. Althea Tyron lives at this subburb he was once a wit student from a community school when she met Dash Bailey he is from Brunei, after they came back from Brunei things seems to change. They were childhood friends, they play every native games that a child can do. From that time Althea thought of Dash as the perfect guy. He is smart, brave and undeniably cute. When Althea was twelve years old  and Dash was thirteen they were so close as if they were inlove but the sad part is Althea is the one inlove and not Dash. One day they play a game of hide and seek. “urggh” said Althea as they were hiding in a coconut hut. And that look upon Dash’s brown face seems to laugh and said “shut up Althea, your so seductive” not knowing Althea was hurt. Then as time passes by they still befriend each other when the time came when they Althea entered Highschool everything changed. Dash was a junior when Althea was a freshmen. They were still so close to each other.                   It was summer when things got more complex, they were at the some friend’s house when Althea show Dash how she really felt and Dash replied in a hesitant manner that he doesn’t want Althea to be hurt. So they set off and continues what they do at that time. The night falls and their group had a plan to watch stars at a near by dike. Althea was so happy that Dash was there. A few moment pass by and Althea and Dash talked about adult things when Althea and Dash made something not worth doing at that time. As they walk home they promise not to tall anyone about what happen because its shamefull. Then the next day passed Althea was at Dash’s house playing with his younger brother Dalton, when Dash came. Althea and Dash replayed what they have done that evening as always they talked of not telling anyone what happened. After that they went to the sea were their friends were swimming at the near beach, when night falls they watch the stars again. Althea sees Dash every morning but his face is not like that Dash he knew, and she thought maybe its because no one should know. For the whole summer they tried to know each other. The next month classes have started Dash doesn’t greet Althea he snobs her. Althea understands as she always do. Still they love each other and that love exceeds boundaries. A few months passsed and Althea and Dash werent in a relationship, its just like friends with benefits and there’s no strings attached, but Althea loves Dash. It was in the midst of September that the two had fight, Althea was at Dash’s house they did not speak, Althea was talking to Dash’s brother Djake about school things and other matters when Djake fell to sleep. After a while Althea was reading a school magazine when suddenly Djake held her hand and pulled her to his side and Althea was shocked that Djake kissed her, and she kissed him too. After a while Djake whispered to Althea “don’t tell anyone about this”. Althea went home with her cousin Laila who is a classmate of Djake.                        It was February, the month of hearts. The day of the prom for Dash. Before Dash went to the prom he and Althea kissed and more. Then he told her “we should stop this, this is bad” and so Althea hesitantly agreed with Dash. After that time, things between Althea and Dash is never the same, they never hag-out again and doesn’t communicate personally but through text. Then one day. Althea texted Dash. “why did we made those things?” and Dash replied “just for fun” and Althea cried she texted him again “is there nothing more?” then he replied “nothing .” Althea was hurt. Dash graduated and went to a university far from their town. Althea was a junior. She had this classmate named Aj whom she had a crush with and not knowingly love him and she knew that he could never love her. She was assuming that is. She gave other meanings to the things she and Aj did. They’re teased by their classmates cause they see them close and Aj was ashamed and althea feel the opposite. Throughout that year Aj keeps begging Althea to make him projects and Althea says yes to every word. When the time comes that she has had enough she said no and Aj was very angry so they stop being friends. They became friends again when Aj and Jeilin, Althea’s bestfriend became lovers. Surely Althea was hurt but more than happy for her bestfriend. Just like every relationship they had come to an end. And that school year passed Althea and her friends were still friends and Aj transferred to another school for unknown reasons. They were Seniors and at last they were ready to graduate. Althea hd no friends in her place because she was not friendly after that day they separate. When it was their graduation Althea invited two of her nieghbors, Jahara and Crystal. When summer arrived they had the best. One day Jahara told Althea that Dash came home for a summer vacation, Althea already moved on but still nailed to her feelings befriend Dash again and so is Dash.                        At that summer they text and they never hang out together, the feeling of awkwardness. Two weeks was left before Althea’s college life will take its stand she and Dash texted until their topic came to a point where thay have to remember their past lives. Althea then remembered all that happened, Dash wanted to make out with her again and she agreed. Althea notices that Dash became more and more different from that innocent boy she knew when they were still in highschool. On the day of which they planned the remake, Althea bailed out on the plan and told Dash that she cant take it. Dash and Althea never talked or texted again.                         After thirteen years Dash was a succesful electrical engineer and Althea was a renouned fashion designer. Althea owned the largest fashion house in the country while Dash was the leading engineer of his time. Althea went to Brunei to open her new line of couture dresses. She established the global brand of Tan and is said to be one of the greatest designers that live. Althea planned on constructing a building there to hous her new collecetions, she and her assistant slash bestfriend Jahara established that brand. Jahara contacted the New Era Engineering firm to consult on hiring engineers to assist them in planning. The owner of the firm sends Engr. Dash Bailey to the project. Jahara and Dash met and said hi to each other they talked about the plan and when they got carried away the went to talk about Althea. Dash was eager to met Althea, this time he feels something unuasual for her.

                     On the day of the conference Dash put up the best ideas, plans and things that would made the building first of its kind and withstand many elements. The meeting started but Althea did not show up vecause she had prior commitments with other clients so she sent Jahara. Dash was not happy not seeing her old friend. As the time when the building was construct, Dash and Althea did not met at meetings and conference, it was a game of luck. Jahara was with Dash all the time and falls in love with him. Jahara from the start did not told Althea that Dash was the lead engineer. Jahara always give something to Dash. Dash was also eager to see Althea. One day, Althea was checking on the project and see if it was great. Dash was at the basement of the building checking the electrical circuits. Althea was walking into the second floor when she tripped and fell. She was knocked in the head and bleeding, Dash was there and rushed her to the hospital by the time she woke up she did not remember what happened. Jahara was sitting there at the bed and Althea asked her who helped her, she answered just a construction worker who was working at that time. Jahara was very slick when she did that. Dash was sitting outside the room when Jahara came and said to him that he should go because Althea is sleeping so Dash went home. After two days Althea was walking at the lobby of the hospital when he bumped in to a guy wearing a gray shirt. The guy said sorry and asked if she was okay and she was fine. It was Dash, and Althea did not even notice because of the long years they haven’t seen each other.  

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