Duomi: The Red King

16 year old Rory MacSimmens dies of an Aneurism, in the year 2014. The gods of Primallum had foreseen his death and his new destiny in Duomi. This leads Rory into a land of elves and war, wizards and love, hatred and death. And yes, even here, death and loss and hatred is a reality.
Along with his best friend Ethan, his sister Jane and a young enthusiastic girl named Nat, they fight for good and for survival.


3. New Home

Slowly Rory turned to look towards Ethan’s voice. He was sitting in the grass pulling straws out, as he always did when bored. Rory took his time to get to his senses again. He felt his lungs expand and a whole new smell flowed into his mouth and through his entire body; a sweet honey and flower smell. Like on the first warm morning. Very gently, Rory sat up. The sight overtook him. Other than the continuing sound of Ethan tearing the straws of the ground, there was a rattle of dry leafs whirling in the light breeze. Shouts came from a nearby pond, by the edge of a forest. Small elegant children with pointed ears and long hair ran around it, playing catch. “Elves?” Rory asked, looking from the kids to Ethan. He nodded. “The original creature of Duomi.” Rory looked again at the kids. Beyond them and the pond were forests and the tips of three mountains. It was an amazing sight. This was the most pure area Rory had ever seen. Untouched by man and free to grow. World suddenly seemed so dull and pointless with all of its cement and pollution. This had to be the best world one could ever imagine. Of course he had loved his computer, cell and TV, but here it did not matter very much. There were probably other ways of communicating here. This had to be a high-tech place as well. That ring was high-tech. “How about we get going?” Ethan asked swirling a flower between his fingers. They silently agreed and helped each other up. “Where exactly are we going?” asked Rory looking around for humans. “Corbac, it’s a little village a few hundred miles from here” Rory stared at Ethan. “A few hundred miles?!” his voice was almost panicky. They would never be able to walk that long. It’d take years. As if Ethan had read his mind, he laughed and said: “We’re not going to walk there. We’re going to use those” he pointed at the forest. From this, two golden creatures with small wings and small horns came galloping in a speed that almost made them a blur. “Unicorn-foals?” asked Rory skeptically. “Um no; they’re a hybrid of the Chinese chilloma and a unicorn. They’re incredibly fast. And they’re not foals. They’re adults.” As the horses came to a halt before them, Rory found it quite hard to believe that these were full-grown. They were under 1.50 meters in height when the head at its highest. They were slim and elegant, looking expectantly at the boys. “They’re stronger than they look.” said Ethan now walking towards one and swinging his leg over the horse’s back. “Well hurry up. We don’t have all day” Rory scowled at Ethan as he placed himself on the other horse. Carefully he grabbed the long caramel-colored mane. It was really warm. He lifted his feet from the ground and clamped his knees against the sides of the horse, just above the wings. Ethan roared with laughter at the nervous look on Rory’s face. He then made a kind of clapping noise with his tongue, and both horses started to move. Rory held tightly onto the mane as the horse galloped in a speed he had never seen a horse move with. It ran through fields, forests and jumped over brooks with no change in speed at all. It seemed oblivious to the change in terrain beneath its hooves. Rory almost got hit by a large branch when the horses ran through a forest-area. The landscape around them changed so rapidly that time was impossible to keep track of. Sometimes, a small village sped past them, and once they rode right through the main street of one, almost running over a little boy. Rory looked back at the boy who stood baffled with a trembling lip. Rory waved at him, and nearly fell sideways of the horse. Rory threw himself back onto the horse and grabbed the mane hard and twisted it around his hands. The horse sped up, running past Ethan. They grinned at each other. Ethan’s neatly set hair was rather windblown. They rode for what seemed like another fifteen minutes until finally the horses stopped racing, and began trotting instead. They had reached the foot of the mountain. Here was a small village. This had to be Corbac. It looked kind of like a polish town Rory had once visited with his family. The houses were wooden and the roofs were slate. In Rory’s opinion, Corbac looked exactly like a village should look. The unicorns skidded to a halt. Ethan jumped agilely of his horse and began walking beside it. Rory’s legs trembled slightly as he descended his horse. It nudged him in the side and neighed. Rory chuckled and let a hand flow through the silky hair. He suddenly noticed how far behind of Ethan he was. He ran to catch up. The horse neighed again and trotted playfully around him, like a big golden dog. “So, is that the king’s castle?” asked Rory looking up at a magnificent white castle with round towers and many steeples. “No, that’s the orphanage, we don’t have a king. Actually, that is where you will be living.” He pointed at the castle. “As an orphan? Thanks a lot” Rory glowered slightly when he looked at Ethan. Why couldn’t he just stay with Ethan? “Not as an orphan. You’re going to work there; if you want anyway. We need a new junior educator.” Rory shrugged. “Yeah I could do that. What exactly will I be doing; teaching the kids English or what?” “No… You’ll be working as a helper, with the toddlers. You’re mental age is the same, so that won’t be difficult” “Hey!” Rory said affronted. They walked together through the town. All around them people were buying food from small stands, talking, laughing. The golden horses attracted quite a bit of attention from the kids. “Oh look. It’s the fairy and his golden Pegasus” said a drawling voice behind them. Rory and Ethan automatically turned to see the source. A skinny boy with hollow cheeks and black thick hair stood, glaring at them with a superior look in his bright cold eyes. He was leaning against a fence, hands buried deep in his pockets. “Shut it ghoul.” Said Ethan fiercely, clenching his fists. “Oh wash your mouth crane fly” Ethan looked ready to launch at the boy. Rory couldn’t really blame him. “So, ginger. You’re Jane’s little brother. Hope you’re not as dumb as she is” Rory felt his ears grow warm, and he too clenched his fists, angrily. He did not even know the boy’s name, and already Rory hated his guts. How dared he speak that way about Jane that way. “Jane is not dumb!” shouted Ethan and ran at the boy. They tumbled over, Ethan ready to place a fist right in the boy’s face. The boy grinned. “Defending your girlfriend are you? How brave” “Stop it!” shouted someone, right before Ethan hit. There was a cracking sound as Ethans hand collided with the boy’s nose. “I said stop it! Ethan, stop!” the female voice said again. Rory turned to look at the person who had spoken. His first thought was Rapunzel. She had braided golden hair that almost reached her knees. Her face was slightly freckled, her nose small and straight, and her eyes a color of mahogany. She was sloppily dressed in belt pants and an oversized t-shirt. Ethan had risen from the boy, glaring furiously at him. The girl was walking towards Ethan looking angry. It was not until she was looking straight up at him, that he noticed her. “Nat” he said surprised. “What did he do now?” asked Nat grabbing the boy and pulling him up. “Get away from me you hag! I don’t need your help!” the boy said furiously, nose bleeding and cheeks burning. “Don’t call her that!” Rory suddenly shouted at the boy. Ethan and Nat looked at him. She’s not a hag. She was just trying to help you, you selfish bastard” Every particle in Rory’s body was suddenly filled with hatred towards the boy. How dared he insult her? Walking towards them, he suddenly stopped, unclenching his fists, looking at Nat. How come he felt so protective of her? He didn’t know her. But she seemed so innocent, and pretty. “And who do you think you are anyway; prince charming? Just because you’re supposed to save us all doesn’t mean you ever will. I hope you die before you get the chance” said the boy. “Smith, don’t say that…” whispered Nat, looking suddenly terrified. So the boy’s name was Smith. Smith glared at Rory, who tried as hard as he could to return with interests. Of course it helped that Ethan glowered at Smith as well. But all of a sudden, Rory’s mind flickered from hatred to confusion. Smith had said that Ethan was defending Jane, as his girlfriend. And that Rory was supposed to save us all. He looked at Ethan. “Where is Jane?” he asked tonelessly. “I need to talk with her” “She’s in her office” Nat answered in a somewhat anxious voice. “Thanks Nat.” Rory said. She smiled at him. “Where is her office?” “It’s up-there.” Nat pointed to the castle. “At Corvin; I can take you there, if you want.” “Do that Nat just abandon me, like you always do! I’m worthless anyway.” Said Smith harshly as he looked at Nat. “I’m the world’s worst girlfriend, I know. Just dump me, I know you want to.” “And why don’t you just dump me if I’m such a pain?” asked Smith coldly. “Because then you’ll get upset. And I don’t want to upset you.” She said vaguely. “How sweet” he said sarcastically. They glowered at each other. She grabbed Ethan and Rory by the wrists and pulled them away with surprising force. “Nice to meet you by the way. Sorry about my mood. He just brings out the worst in me” Nat said, grinning at Rory. He looked at her, almost getting hit by her long braid, as she shook her head in defeat. “Remind me again why you’re dating the guy” asked Ethan, wrenching his wrist free of her grip. “I really don’t know.” She sighed. She kept holding on to Rory’s wrist, and he did not wrench it loose. Ethan looked at him curiously, smirking slightly. Rory shrugged, and let himself get dragged on, by Nat. Although it seemed far away, they reached the castle before 5 minutes had passed. When standing right in front of it, it seemed ginormous. The towering stone walls where whitewashed and solid. A large wooden door stood ajar, just letting a trace of sunlight inside. Ethan pushed the door open, and walked in, closely followed by Nat and Rory. Once again a sentence that Smith had said, popped into Rory’s mind. “Ethan… What did Smith mean by you protecting Jane… as you girlfriend” Ethan looked sheepishly at Rory. “Oh… I meant to talk to you about that. I’ve sort of been dating Jane…” He smiled tryingly. Rory raised his eyebrows. “Well it was about time” Rory said then. Ethan lit up, ears slightly red. “When speaking of the flame” said Nat teasingly. “Hi Jane” she said, looking down a crossing corridor. Before Rory got to turn his head to see her, Jane flung her arms around him, sobbing uncontrolledly. “Hi sis” Rory said, padding her calmingly on the back. Suddenly, Rory felt whole. A feeling he hadn’t had for years. They were all three here.

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