Duomi: The Red King

16 year old Rory MacSimmens dies of an Aneurism, in the year 2014. The gods of Primallum had foreseen his death and his new destiny in Duomi. This leads Rory into a land of elves and war, wizards and love, hatred and death. And yes, even here, death and loss and hatred is a reality.
Along with his best friend Ethan, his sister Jane and a young enthusiastic girl named Nat, they fight for good and for survival.


2. Duomi

Rory spun around, his heart pounding somewhere around his Adams apple. He knew that voice.. But it was quite impossible, because that voice had died when Ethan had, five years ago. But there he was. Ethan stood tall and handsome, with his curly blonde hair longer but still oddly spikey. He was wearing in a long grey cloak and a necklace shaped like the earth around his neck. “Sorry to pick you up mate…” he said, nearing Ethan. Rory simply stared, slowly realizing. “I’m…” he gulped, “dead?” Ethan smiled sadly. “Like I said, really sorry..” They both looked at his body. “I could come back right? I mean you’ve heard of those things. I might be able to go back.” Rory asked looking helplessly at Ethan. “Not to offend you, or say that I’m not glad to see you, but this is really bad timing man. Can’t you just come back in … say 60 years?” Ethan chuckled. “Wish I could, but that headache it wasn’t hangovers, it was an aneurisme..” “So, what now; We just stand here?” Rory looked at his body. “We wait for your parents and Hope. I’d like to see them again. Then we’ll go.” Rory nodded and buried his hands in the pockets of his football shorts. “How is Hope? I miss the little rascal.” Rory felt a jerk in his stomach as he thought about Hope. “She…” he started but had to stop to clear his throat, in which a lump the size of a tennis ball seemed to have placed itself. “Good, she’s good” he said finally. “Prinsess-faze” They stood in silence watching as people tried to revive Rory, but the dead Rory felt nothing, which he took as a sign that he was really not going to wake up. Rory sighed heavily, when he saw a black Ford pull up right outside the field. Sam practically fell out the car and ran towards Rory’s dead body. She screamed. It was a scream of pain and sorrow, horror and dread. Rory felt like he was going to burst with grief. His mother’s grief was so painful that he’d rather have felt nothing, been away, nothing, dust, an empty soul that only saw black and nothing felt. Anything would have been better than this. He could not help but fall on his knees and dissolve in tears when another car arrived and his father and baby sister arrived. The sight of Hope, knowing that he’d never ever see her again He’d never be able to talk to her again. It was torture. Ethan laid a hand on his shoulder, but Rory shook it off. He hated himself for dying, hated himself for feeling glad to be free of pain and hated Ethan for picking him up. At least his punishment for dying had to be looking at the world from his dead body, feeling his body deteriorate around his empty soul. But he was still there, and he was going somewhere else. Some place where you lived on, got older and apparently happy, from the gleeful look on Ethan’s face. He looked at Rory’s family longingly. Rory felt his heart break into a million pieces, glue itself together and smash all over again. Nothing he had ever endured had been even close to comparison. “Can we go… please?” he asked in a strained voice. It broke at the last word. “We have to stay a little longer... Sorry bro but it’s for your own good.” He grabbed Rory’s shoulder again, but this time, Rory did not shake it off. “What for; I can’t bare this pain much longer...” Rory asked vaguely. The voices of his family became clear once more. His mother sobbed uncontrolledly clutching Hope tightly. While shaking Rory’s body, Jeff seemed to dissolve into nothingness, hopelessness. “We can leave… Say goodbye Rory” Ethan’s voice was strong and fierce, almost cold. Rory nodded getting pulled up by Ethan. Rory wavered towards his family, towards his own body. “Mom, dad… Hope” he whispered his voice seemed to be inaudible for his world. They all looked up, bemused. He had been allowed to talk to his family for once last time. “Mom, take good care of yourself and Hope. Give her all the love you have. She’s an angel, she really is. And write the book. The book in your drawer, finish it. Publish it, and dedicate it to your kids, all three of us. Find happiness in even the smallest things.” He knew that his mother had heard him. She nodded and mouthed. “I will… I love you Rory” She whispered his name. “Dad; you are the best father anyone could ever have. Stop worrying about being a good dad. And stop feeling guilty about turning John in. It was the best for all of us. I wouldn’t trade you for anything.” Jeff smiled through his tears. “That’s right dad. Smile though your heart is breaking” Jeff looked up, nodded and forced another smile. He sniffled. “Hope. You are strong and beautiful. Don’t go throwing that away. Be good to mom and dad. Work hard in school. Mourn over my death, but not for long. Live your life. I’ll watch over you forever. And I’ll haunt you if you ever go out with that Matthew guy from your class.” Hope giggled nervously. “Ethan says hi” Rory said to all of them. Jeff and Sam shared a smirking look. “Bye Rory… See you on the other side, right?” Sam asked silently. “Promise mom… I have to go now. I’m going to see Jane again, I think” Rory laid a hand on Sam’s shoulder. She touched it, gasping. Rory retrieved his hand. “See you guys” He knew now why he had to stay; the same reason why Ethan and Jane had stayed to speak with him, when they had died. He was ready. The vale that separated the dead and living suddenly became opaque. The figures of the living became transparent, and Ethan was solid. “Let’s go mate” Ethan said. They turned away from the scene and walked towards the sun, walked to the east. Silence with Ethan had never felt weird. It was as though the past five years had never occurred. He had always been here, right beside him. “Where do you live?” asked Rory curiously. “Corbac” said Ethan simply. “Corbac? That sounds like some disease... Is it around here?” “No, not at all, turn left here, we need to go to the portal I made to get here, to pick you up. It leads us back to Duomi.” “Japan?” “What? No. Duomi is the second world; our world. It’s kind of a second chance.” Rory stared at Ethan, confused. “Okay… This is going to be a long story but you’d better get it before we go there.” He sat down on a bench and Rory likewise. “There is a world, the world of gods. Nobody really knows where it is. We Call it destination X. They decide our destiny. They decide over the people. The gods saw that people kept dying, so the god Nepathia gave medicine to the earth. Gave people the ability to obtain and develop medicine. But by mistake Nepathia gave people gunpowder as well. And people used this to kill each other. And young people began dying in massive numbers. So Nepathia talked to the upper-god, an unnamed power. The unnamed power talked to the creatures of another galaxy. The world called Duomi. These creatures were forgiving and calm creatures and they agreed to let certain people live in their world. You can see how ‘heaven’ would be filled in every man went there and there’re more than 7 billion people alive. It was simply becoming too over-filled. So young innocent people got to live on Duomi. The god of time created portals, which led the ghosts of World to Duomi. The first human in Duomi was picked up by Nepathia herself. She felt that this was her duty seeing as her knowledge caused his death.” “So, I’m going to live on; like you and Jane; In Duomi.” Rory asked slowly. It was an awful lot of information when you had just died. “You’re going to live, yes. But I should warn you. Duomi is no longer a peaceful world. 10 years ago a young and selfish god, the god of vengeance, went through the portal with his family and began to conquer the world. Darukai, he is called. We’ve only managed to kill his wife Apothiel, sister of Nepathia. But Darukai still rules, with his son Aukin as the commander and his deadly powerful daughter Dawn as the force of hypnosis. We believe that Darukai is building an army to go against the land of Riam, and our land after that. These two are the only places where portals to World can be, and we believe that Darukai wishes to conquer World.” Rory stared frightened at Ethan. “So basically, your throwing me into a world of war?” “I guess so. But it’s not like Battlefield. It’s more like… well I don’t know how to describe it. Kind of like a fantasy-world. You know swords and magic” Rory chuckled unwillingly. This was simply ridiculous. This had to be a lie. Ethan was joking. He had to be. Magic did not exist. It was all fantasy. “In World it might be, but not here. Magic is just a way of expressing power; But only gods can do magic. You are going to have to settle on creatural power. But right now, we’re late so we have to get going.” Ethan pulled out a small ring of silver, embroided with golden threads. He laid it on the ground and touched it with the tip of his finger. It started to glow and expanded into the size of a hula-hoop. It Spurted two small round plates in the middle. “You don’t still have motion-sickness do you?” Ethan asked looking suddenly worried. “A bit, why?” Ethan shrugged and sat down on one of the plates. Rory slowly sat down. Suddenly, his body seemed to glue together, stuck on the plate. He couldn’t move, nor speak. He couldn’t even close his eyes. The silver hula-hoop started to swirl and rotate all around them. They were stuck in a hyper-speeded silver ball. It gleamed with gold. Suddenly, it felt like all of Rory’s insides were turned inside out. His eyes were swirling uncomfortably in his head. Then he was falling. Head-first, Rory was falling through nothing and everything. Not breathing, not moving a muscle, but feeling the gravity pulling him somewhere unknown. His body suddenly turned and he his back hit something hard. His back ached in protest. Tryingly Rory spread his fingers and felt the ground. Apparently, he was lying on grass. Even through his closed eyelids he could see that the sun was clearly shining. Daringly, he opened an eye. Immediately, he was blinded by bright white sunlight. He groaned as his back gave another painful squirt. “Welcome to Duomi” said Ethan’s cheerful voice beside him.

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