I Will Survive

How I coped with losing my leg due to a car accident


7. What about now, 2009?

I never heard from Tyrone, Martin and Darren even when I sent them money for their birthdays, Easter & Christmas until they became 18. I always wondered what they were doing.

In 2001 I was made redundant at Normans / Co-op, I really enjoyed working for them, a small business and nice people to work with. I tried working for Safeway and Morrison for 4 years, I got on with the staff but I could not cope with the size of the store and the pressure in selling under age drink. I did not fancy having a criminal record with a big fine. I like checkout work and I miss meeting the customers.

From 2006 till now I’ve been doing some voluntary work at the Priorswood Community Centre and since 2008 doing Reiki healing for the Acorn Project. I wanted to do this so I can help others, to get them back to recovery. We also do workshops of all kinds. Only recently I did a Mental Health first aid course, it was very interesting and I found out that one of my phantom pains is called Carpal Pedal Spasm, the feeling of tingling in the toes when there are no toes, with the toes being pushed back. I don’t get it with my normal foot so I’m not sure if any tablets would work but I am going to see if anything can be done. I’ve been trying the Medicur (Natural Magnetic Field Therapy) for 2 weeks now, still feeling the pain but it’s worth a try.


I met Jay as a friend at someone’s grand opening of their conservatory, we had pizza, it was Richard who introduced us and I then become her carer. Jay is my soul mate and I love her so much, we have so much in common but I wanted to wait and make sure this time. After 11 years together we’re having lovely holidays in Tenerife, Malaga & Las Vegas, the best bit was when we were on a little plane and we flew to the Grand Canyon. We also like going to Hayle in Cornwall near where my mum lives in Camborne. Also the Lake District and Lake Windermere were wonderful. 

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