An Untold Secret

When 17 year old Lillian James starts at Cedar University she hopes to get a simple degree in science then move on to bigger things. Unfortunately for Lillian her life is not quite as simple as she hopes.

A story of Love, Friendship and Betrayal.


1. Watch Where You Walk

I can officially say my days at this run-down university are numbered, no I’m not about to graduate, not at all, and in fact I’ve only been here for 4 days. The problem is that, well to put it quite simply this university is full to the brim with wacko’s and bitches, and I’m, to put it quite simply just some fresh meat for them to pick at. The thing is I always thought I was quite normal, maybe a bit cleverer than the average person, but normal none the less. Only here I feel like a tiny person who just doesn’t fit in, and judging by the actions of other people I think that they feel that I’m exactly that too.

Oh, do excuse my manners; I don’t believe I have introduced myself yet. Hi, my name is Lillian, Lillian James; I was born on the 1ST of April 1994, which makes me 17 years old. I’m quite short, only 5 foot 3 inches and have a pale skin tone. My hair is a honey blonde and very long with natural ringlets and my eyes are hazel. I came to Cedar University to learn more about science, but I really do wish I’d never came here, I should have gone to a university closer to my home and parents, but no, not me, I always decide to do the dumbest of things.

Anyway, now that's cleared up, I think I’ll tell you why I hate this uni, and the people in it. On my first day, I made, what I thought was a sensible idea. I decided that I would lay low and try not to get on anyone’s bad side, that way I could get my degree in science and just leave, get on with my life, no friends to miss, no enemies to watch out for, just me and my future.

However, my life had a different plan laid out for me. My life decided that it would much prefer to torture me and make my life a living hell. Make sure I wasn’t happy; make sure that nothing went right. Well okay my first two days at cedar were fine but after that it all just went downhill.


Flashback to yesterday

As per usual I was minding my own business, and walking at a very brisk pace down the dusty gray corridor so as not to miss my next class, which as I recall, was chemistry when I accidentally bashed into somebody, and made her fall flat on her face.  

She was a gorgeous girl, the kind that every guy swoons over, absolutely flawless in everyway. She had bouncy, long, straight, shiny black hair, tanned skin and perfect make-up. She also had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. She was obviously older than me, richer than me and a heck of a lot more popular than me. I think she must have been 19 and she was a lot taller than me, I’d say about 5 feet and 9 inches (without the 4 inch heels).

The second she looked at me, I knew that this tiny accident would never be forgotten, especially since that rip in her £800 coat would be a permanent reminder about it. Also I felt as if she could rip my heart out, kill me there in front of everyone and she wouldn’t care. I had made her look very stupid and I could tell from the evil glint in her eye that she was prepared to do anything to make me pay for it. I made a run for it, but it was too late. She had a hold of my arm in a grip that felt probably as terrifying and firm as that of a cobras grip on it prey, slowly squeezing its life out until in the end........

“Where do you think you’re going you little bitch?”

“Um ... I’m .... Um ... I’m going to chemistry ... and ... um ... I’m s-sorry ... I didn’t m-mean to b-bump into you” I stammered by voice providing yet more evidence to the fact that not only did I feel mortified but also intimidated and scare to my wits end.

“Really, tut tut little geek you should really watch your step, it could land you in a lot of trouble” she seem to enjoy tormenting me with words, and trust me it worked, I was becoming more and more terrified per second. People were gathering around us in a circle now reminding me of a pack of vultures ready to pick off whatever was left of me when she was finished.

“I-if you don’t m-mind, I really need to ... um ... get to class, p-please let me go I can’t miss another l-lecture”. Great now I sound like even more of a wuss. Dammit why did I say that?

“Oh My God you are just so completely helpless, Please let me go, oh please, I can’t miss a precious lecture” she mimicked. “I don’t know ... I could let you go, but then again where would be the fun in that, little book-worm”.

Aha, light bulb, Little book worm gave me an idea, I wiggled out of her grasp and ran (totally ignoring the no running in the halls rule for once in my goddamn life) as fast as I could to the safety of my chemistry lab.

All I remember hearing as I squirmed my way out of that scene and he death grip was that bitch saying, “I’m Kylie, don’t forget it, I’ll be the last thing you ever see in your precious life.”

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