A Case Of Fish

Adam "Fish" Fisher is a new detective who gets more than he bargained for. Arriving at a crime scene he is met by a demonic looking man that attacks him physically and psychologically.


1. Fish

Adam Fisher "Fish" to his friends had only been on the job for a little over 3 years, and he hadn't been a detective a year yet, so to all the other more seasoned officers, he was still a rookie. Other than the usual talk of him being too green to work anything high profile, most of the other detectives wanted to see Adam in action and let him do his own thing before they made up their mind about him. Adam knew how to hold his own and always kept cool under pressure. Never letting his judgment become clouded but lately it had been different for Adam. After what happened, nobody would ever forget the case of Adam fisher. It was July fifth, nineteen seventy five. There were pieces of streamers from celebrations on the floor and the smell of firework stained the air. Detective Fisher got a call from his boss to investigate what everyone thought was going to be a routine investigation. It was Fisher's first solo case. He'd shown the brass that he was a good detective and they were impressed with his work and he was eager to get his feet wet. Fisher arrived on the scene. He pulled up in his blood red muscle car. The power of the engine made the car sound like it was ripping through the air. Adam pulled up and got out of his car, he seemed excited about his first solo case as a detective. He arrived at the crime scene, "Jones Meat Packing Factory" the sign outside read. It was abandoned for sometime which made it a hot spot for drug deals, assaults and worse. The police cars were outside with the crime scene locked down, but nobody was insight. "Weird." Adam said as he looked around. He walked to the buildings main entrance, thinking that the officers were inside, but all was quiet and nobody was in sight. He walked in and then he saw it.

Two police officers lying dead on the floor, blood everywhere. Adam, feeling sick to his stomach ran outside to call for back up from one of the car radios but before he could exit he was pushed to the ground. Somebody was lying on top of him, trying to keep him pinned. Adam struggled to get free but eventually got his left hand free and tried to pull his weapon but it was knocked from his hand. He had his head smashed against the floor and was knocked almost unconscious. Adam, who was now drifting in and out of consciousness was trying to get a look at the attacker but was too dazed to see. The attacker rose up his right hand holding a strange looking knife. It looked almost as if it was made form some kind of bone. He kept Adam pinned with his free hand wrapped around his throat. Adam was gasping for air and trying to get his throat free but the attacker was too powerful for him. As the killer was about to bring it down into Adam's chest, a pane of glass fell from the roof above and distracted the attacker. He turned to see what the noise was and momentarily loosened his grasp on Adam. Adam, still dazed managed to pull a pocket knife from his pocket and plunged it deep into the killer's leg. The killer let out a loud scream and ran away. Adam lay on the ground clutching his throat and holding the back of his head. Still unable to see fully, Adam managed to make out his gun on the floor. He picked it up and fired towards the door hoping to hit the man who attacked him, but the bullets just hit the door. Adam ran over to the officers to check if either of them was still alive.

He turned one of the officers over to check his pulse-that's when it happened, the seemingly dead officer turned to Adam and "Diablo." Adam couldn't quite here the officer and just assumed he was "Hold on buddy I'm gonna go get help." Adam said. The officer grabbed Adam and said it again louder to his face "Diablo." Adam stared at the officer and slowly saw the life disappear from the officer's eyes as he dropped to the floor. He tried to give the officer CPR, but he didn't respond. Adam started pounded on the officer chest trying to revive him. "Damn it," Adam said almost crying. Adam looked at the other police officer, and saw how much blood there was and knew straight away that he was dead, but Adam turned him over anyway-and saw the most sickening thing he had ever seen. "What the hell!"Adam said as he jumped back from the dead officer and threw up on the floor. Adam moved back towards the officer to look again. "Christ!" He said as he winced back almost throwing up a second time. He was unable to look at it without feeling sick to his stomach, but he knew he had to look. The officer's stomach was ripped open, his rib cage shattered and his stomach practically hanging out. That's not what shocked Adam. What shocked Adam was the fact that the officer's heart was gone. It wasn't on the floor so he came to the conclusion that the killer took it with him. Adam ran outside to the radio cars and threw up on the floor again. He got in the radio car parked outside and got on the radio. "Officer's down at two twelve and Fifth Street. Two officers down send back up now." Adam yelled to the dispatch. "What are the officer's conditions?" The dispatch asked. "They're dead-they're god there's so much blood," Adam cried. "Sit tight. Help's on the way." Adam, looking shook up from the whole ordeal locked himself in the squad car clutching his gun and looking around. Adam sat for a couple of minutes in the car. He had blood all over his clothes and face. He was shaking and his face was pale. He kept scanning his eyes around the outside of the building. As he was looking away he heard a tap on the window.

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