A Case Of Fish

Adam "Fish" Fisher is a new detective who gets more than he bargained for. Arriving at a crime scene he is met by a demonic looking man that attacks him physically and psychologically.


4. Case Closed?

Adam closed his eyes and looked back up and his face was human. Adam let out a sigh of relief. "Thirty Seventh Precinct." Adam replied. The cab drove off down the street. Adam looked at the people on the streets as he went by. Adam began seeing the face of the killer in the face of everyone that went by, and instead of feeling scared of them he just started to feel angry and eager to catch the killer. The taxi arrived at the thirty seventh precinct and Adam walked inside. As he went inside, a lot of people began giving him looks which made Adam feel nervous and twitchy. He walked over to his desk and opened a draw. He took out a thirty eight revolver and a box of ammo and put it in his jacket. "Fisher!" Adam turned to see Captain Walsh behind him "Sir." Adam said. "You were told to go home." "I just stopped by, sir to...to get my wallet." Adam pulled his wallet out and showed it to his captain to cover his lie. Walsh looked at Adam. "Okay." Walsh walked away, but turned back quickly. "Oh yeah," He threw Adam a set of keys. "It's down in the motor pool." "Thanks," Adam said. "And stay the hell outta work, huh." Adam two finger saluted and got in the elevator to the motor pool. The lights in the elevator flickered off and on quickly and Adam saw his reflection change quickly to the terrifying face and then back to his. "Leave me alone!" Adam shouted. The door opened and Adam stormed out to his car. He quickly drove out of the exit. Adam had to stop at a red light and punched his steering wheel. "Awesome!" He said sarcastically as he shook his head at the traffic lights. Adam tapped on the steering wheel anxiously. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon," he said still tapping on the wheel. The light finally switched to green and Adam shifted into drive and sped off down the street.

Adam pulled into his parking space outside his apartment. As Adam walked up the stairs he could here voices and footsteps from the people in the other apartments. He put his hand inside his pocket and clutched his revolver tight. He got onto his floor and unlocked his apartment. Adam took out his revolver and stuck it in his sock. Out of paranoia and fear, Adam checked every room, closet and crawl space in his apartment. He took a beer out of the refrigerator and slumped into his couch to watch TV. Adam remembered he had to take a pill the doctor gave him. He looked at it and washed it down with the beer. Adam gasped after sipping the beer. He began reading the bottle "Do Not Consume With Alcohol" It read on one side "Whoops." Adam said, seemingly careless. Adam began slowly falling asleep in the couch. As he drifted off, his half empty bottle of beer hit the floor. The noise startled him and he jumped up from his chair. "God damn it." Adam said as he picked up the bottle. Adam cleaned the beer up with some paper towels and was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Who is it?" Adam yelled, still cleaning the floor. Nobody answered. "Hello?" Adam stopped cleaning and stared at the door. He pulled his revolver out and cocked the hammer back. He walked over to the door and put his hand on the handle. Before opening it he stared aimlessly at it. He eventually pulled the door open fast and pointed his gun. Nobody was there.

Adam looked to the left and right of his door. A man walked out of an apartment and looked at Adam. "You knock here?" He asked him "Not me," The man said. "Did you see anybody?" Adam asked him. "No sorry." The man said as he went in his apartment. Adam went into his apartment, turned the lock and put the chain across. Adam threw his gun down on the couch and sat with his hands on his head. "What in the hell's wrong with me?" He angrily said to himself. "Am I going insane?" Adam couldn't make sense of the situation. Yes, the face of the killer was plaguing his mind. He was just another guy after all. Adam clutched his chest where he was cut as it began to burn. Adam walked into the bathroom and took out some iodine. He lifted up his shirt and poured the iodine onto a cloth. Adam rubbed it onto his chest and flinched because of the stinging feeling. "Painkillers my ass," Adam said as he put his pills in the cabinet. He closed the medicine cabinet door and caught a glimpse of the cut on chest. Adam looked at the wound and it started to transform. His chest began to rip open just like in his dream, only this time the pain was to real, Adam knew he was awake. He fell to the floor in pain. His shirt ripped from his body and his chest began ripping and changing into a new scaly one. Small sharp green bumps began to appear on his chest.

Adam yelled at the top of his lungs in fear and ran out of his bathroom. His vision was becoming blurred as his eyes changed into the demonic creature like ones he was oh so familiar with. He stumbled towards his apartment door and ripped off the locks. He saw his hand was changing too. Sharp black nails ripped out of each of his finger. Blood fell to the floor. Adam fell outside and screamed "Help me." to one of his neighbors. The neighbor ran down the stairs terrified. Adam fell to his knees. He grabbed his face in pain. One by one his teeth fell out. Adam looked at the bloodied pearls on the red stained floor. Grotesque fangs shot down from inside Adam's gums. Adam ran over to the window in the hallway and fell flat on his back. He looked out the window and saw the killer. Adam stood up from the ground slowly. He saw the man look at him and smile. The killers red eyes gazed at Adam's also red eyes. "I'm gonna kill you," Adam screamed. "Do you hear me, I'll hunt you down." Adam turned and tried walking back to his apartment, but it was hard. His new body took some getting used to. His feet burst from his shoes and looked like his hands. His pants then ripped apart and his lower half turned green. His legs still retained a human shape, but they were covered in the same green spikes as on his chest. Adam clutched his throat in pain. He couldn't speak. He felt like a nail was being slowly driven through his larynx. Adam heard footsteps rushing behind him. "Oh my god!" a police officer said behind him "What the fuck is that thing?"Adam turned and saw a familiar face. Bill and a group of five police officers were standing behind him guns drawn. "Bill!" Adam said. In his mind, Adam shouted Bill, but to the police officers he was just making a dog-like growl at them. Adam started walking towards the officers, along with the growling, the officers saw his as a potential threat. "Right there!" Bill shouted "Do not move!" Adam carried on stumbling towards them trying desperately to get them to realize. He got closer and the officers they opened fire.

Bullets ripped Adam's demonic torso and limbs. He fell to the floor. The officers moved in to take a look at him. They saw his red eyes slowly close. "Check for a pulse," Bill said to one of the officer. The officer looked at him. "Go on," He said as he pointed at the corpse. The officer cautiously walked towards him. He kicked Adam's lifeless leg to see if he's move. The officer took a knee next to Adam and put two fingers on his neck. "He's de-" The officer looked down at Adam's lower body. "Sir!" The officer shouted to Bill "You might wanna take a look at this." Bill and the other officers walked over. "What?" Bill said. The officer pointed down at Adam's leg. "My god!" Bill said as he holstered his weapon. The badge Adam had been carrying in his pocket had become stuck in his leg when he changed. "Adam?" Bill said as he read the badge number. "It got Adam!" Bill yelled. "I knew Adam was keeping something from me at the hospital." "Sir?" one of the officers said. "This is the son of a bitch that killed those officers. The officers looked stunned. "You men, go inside Adam's apartment check if he's in there." Bill said as he directed the officers to Adam's apartment. One of the officers reached down and touched what looked like a knife made from bone. The officer reached for it and accidently cut his hand on it. "Damn!" The officer said as he clutched his hand. "You okay?" Bill asked him. "It's nothing. I'll be okay. The blood from the creature acts as a toxin. It affects your mind. Firstly the horrific visions begin, sending you into an hellish nightmare that seems inescapable, driving you to the point of insanity. Then you begin to feel pain as the toxin spreads to each one of your limbs and fuses with your blood. If your lucky, the pain might just kill you, but don't count on it.

Then you change. The creatures stalk the city choosing their prey. It could be anyone, a homeless person in a back street, a school teacher or police officers in a meat packing factory. Sometimes they eat the heart of their victim. It might not seem like it, but those are the lucky ones. The others, like Adam are "Chosen" to chose others and make them like they are, foul and disgusting creatures that do nothing but kill. The mask's they wear on the bottom of their mouths allow them to blend in along with the cloaks they wear to cover their revolting bodies. Adam Fisher was a poster boy for the police. Now his poster is up in the police station "Adam Fisher - Killed In The Line Of Duty." Until Adam's encounter, nobody had seen one of the creatures in a long time. Who knows where they'll show up next.

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