The Day They Came

In a small town. Aliens invade, but all is not what it seems.


1. "They"

I will never forget the day they came, the people from the sky. I remember hearing the deafening sound of their ships overhead, the strange creatures that poured out onto our streets. They looked like us; they had the what looked like similiar bodies to ours. They had a head in the same place as us, legs, arms. Everything. They walked upright, just like we did. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen.I pictured them looking the way you see them in the movies Our military forces surrounded one of the ships. The local people flooded out into the streets to see what was happening in our small town. The leaders welcomed the alien invaders with open arms, but they didn’t react to the good nature and opened fire. A lot of people were killed in the initial invasion. I saw some shot in the back as they tried to escape. I fled to the south and hid in the woods. I stayed there for months surviving on what little food I could find. Eventually the days just seemed to bleed together. I accepted nobody was coming and just tried to wait it out. I had to drink the rain water from the tree above me, but that didn't last long as it only rained twice the whole time I was out there, and I had to survive on eating these little berries from the tree, but they didn't last either.

so I left the woods. Supplies should have been my first priority, but I barley got out of the town with my life. I travelled only by night so that "They" couldn’t find me. I knew the city like the back of my hand, so I had the advantage. I was hoping to find a store or a house, somewhere for water, but everywhere was either empty or destroyed. My head began to feel lighter, and my legs felt heavier. Last thing I remember was looking up into the sky and then it all went black. I woke up a while later in a daze. I must have been out a while because it was the afternoon, by the looks of the sky. I could still hear faint sounds of gunfire, and smell smoke in the air. Despite my weakness, I marched on. I knew the lake wasn’t far, I thought it would be the best place to go. It took me a while, but I got there. I’ve never seen water look so good in my life. I let out a little smile. I bent down and cupped a hand full of water, and gulped the whole thing. I couldn’t have felt better. I bent down to take another handful. As I did, I heard a branch snap behind me. I turned quickly to see what it was and was met with the business end of a weapon. I fell flat on my back. I’m surprised it didn’t knock me out completely. Three creatures pointed their weapons at me as I lay in the dirt. Another creature walked over. He must have been in charge, because the others stood to attention. I heard them speak and that’s when it got really strange. They spoke just like we did. I sat up a little and listened to them. One of them pointed a gun at my head. The leader grabbed his gun and pointed it down "Stop!" he yelled. "I claim this creature as a prisoner, of Planet Earth."

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