A short story about a person living his life after death.


1. Life After Death

                                                                                      LIFE AFTER DEATH This story begins with a party at Mrs. Johnson house in London as a baby was born at her house. They all were extremely happy with that moment. But on that whole London was shocked because the president son was in coma due to serious attack by terrorist on that day in the palace. Now it was very much pleasure for Mrs. Johnson that she can now live happily with his son. Mrs. Johnson named her son as David who was admitted to Cambridge University for his primary education. He grew up with an aim of being a politician .But his mother has aim to make him a great baseball player. Day passes with various events but once when David and his mother were on a tour to Las Vegas, David asked her mother about his father, his mother uttered to speak. She told him that his father was a criminal who is spending his prison year for 20 years. David shouted, “No! My father was not a criminal, he is the president of our native land.” Mrs. Johnson told him “my son the truth can’t be changed”. So, now both of them returned back to London at Nottingham. David completed his higher study for political science and was appointed for leader of president Democratic Party. He and his mother were gifted with a flat in the palace. After someday David start feeling nervousness in the palace but he don’t know for the reason. David became very much important person in the palace, he was extremely happy. Few days before Christmas Eve he meets with prince of the palace who was in coma for thirty years. David and president went on a tour over all states of London to know the problems of the citizens. When they were on the tour ,they meet a fake doctor who uses to blow ghost from any ones body. They meet him and asked for the treatment for prince ,he told him that they have to collect a bottle of water from Tilicho Lake. The water must be fed to prince for five times on every full moon night  with gold spoon. So King requested David to bring the water for his son. Thus David left the next day for Nepal where Tilicho Lake was at a great height .He flew over the whole world and reached Nepal and found that it was winter up there. So it becomes impossible to fetch water from the Lake . But he waited for some day and got an opportunity to go there through some Nepalese people .But they jammed at a certain height , it was taking a long period to get that water. So David decided to go alone to the lake . It was a very much difficult  to find the way in that snowy storm which he faced in the way to the lake. But he was able to fetch a bottle of water from that lake. When David was returning back , he has a serious accident and his ankle was broken into pieces .David was alone on that mountain with no sufficient food for him. After someday he was rescued by a Nepali guide going up to his village, David was admitted in a hospital in Kathmandu. It took a long period to heel the wound of David’s fracture. When he was in Kathmandu, the health condition  of the prince was getting worst in London .The king has left the belief that David would return back. After someday David return back to London with the bottle of water and now the prince started feeding with the water every on full moon day. But something wrong was with David health ,it was getting worst due to the wound .And on the last day of treatment David dies with his mother alone over on the sin of the world .He was buried in the palace with great sin in the palace due to his death. All the problems vanish as the prince open his eyes ,all of them were really happy .The prince claimed that “Why all are so much happy?”. Everyone said the whole story to the prince about David and the attack over him when he was small child. Prince realizes what he had felt over those years. But after some years the prince dies at the age of fifty. On the next day, a boy whose name was Ben Tennyson in Washington D.C wake from coma after forty nine years and he found that he was a clerk in the palace of London when he was in coma in USA. He died on the next day after the death of the prince. People found that Ben was living a life as clerk in London and when he died up there, he waked from coma in Washington and now he is living his life after death.  .                                                                                             The End

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