Coup de Grâce In Three Acts

A film script about life in the French Resistance



ROLAND MURPHY Roland signs up for the King’s Shilling in WW1 and experiences the terrifying horror of war on the Western Front. But he stays on in France when his mates sail home after the Armistice, and he changes his name to ROLAND LERAN to make it easier for the French to understand.

BILLY LEIGH Roland’s best friend who gets shot in the mouth.

PHILIPPE LERAN Roland’s son, who grows up in France between the wars. During the Nazi Occupation, Philippe joins the French Underground movement to avoid being sent to work in a factory in Germany. Philippe has a mild stutter.

YVES RENÉ Philippe’s best friend. Yves joins the Milice or French Gestapo to avoid the compulsory labour scheme. He has a scar on his cheek that makes it look as if he’s always smiling.

JACQUIE DUPONT Philippe and Yves’s mutual girlfriend.

MÉMÉ Philippe’s grandmother and Roland’s mother in law and lover.

GUY DUPONT Jacquie’s father, who can’t stand Philippe because of his relationship with Jacquie.

FATHER CLAUDE The village priest. Philippe’s bête noire.

MARCEL DELDON Philippe’s uncle and local head of the French Resistance.

SERGE Marcel’s second in command.

MADAME DUVAL An allied spy based in France.

LUCIEN A French boy who only teams up with Philippe in the French Resistance in the dying days of the war.

CHRISTIAN Yves’s grown up son who has twin sons of his own.

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