En samling af mine engelsk stile.
A collection of my english essays.


4. Who stole the little mermaid?

A weird sight met the people who went to see the little mermaid at Langelinie last Monday.

Monday, 10th of April 2012, by passers and tourist got quite a chock: The little mermaids’ tail had disappeared, and where replaced by a pair of mannequin legs. The Investigation has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and Police Officer Grover Hawthorne today talked at the press conference.

“The mannequin legs are special made from the Korean mannequin designer Peeta Cane. Only few shops in Denmark own those, and the only suspect there from is the shop Rues Delights, a shop selling fine clothing for women. The shop owner Kato Snow is under further investigation.”

Our journalist, Katniss Chase, has thereby asked the question:

“Why has Kato Snow committed such a crime?”

The microphone was given to Annabeth Jackson and Percy Everdeen, the two leading specialists in the department of human behavior, and they informed us that Kato doesn’t like things to be unreal, since he has a daughter Primrose (with Thalia Odair) and wants her to experience the story. His next step would most likely have been to sink the whole statue (as in the fairytale by H. C Andersen, where she died in the ocean).

Kato and Thalia are separated, and Kato has in his past shown signs of psychological unbalance. We wanted to talk with Katos lawyer, Clove, but she has refused to give any comment about Katos psychological instability.

As said, the shop was traced by the special mannequins. It was criminal evidence investigator, Dr. Sadi Carter that saw that the mannequin toenails where painted very carefully, and the P.K painted on them (referring to “Peeta Kane”).

“My sister, Glimmer, really wants to be nail artist, and her biggest dream is working for Peeta Kane, since Burberry, Chanel and other brands use his mannequins. She has shown me millions of pictures, of his mannequins, so naturally I recognized them.”

(See also: p. 14, Peeta Kane firing his nail artist Madge Seneca)

The police still needs much evidence, since they right now only can present with eye witnesses and two video tapes, showing Kato walking with a big object (assuming it’s the mannequin legs) to Langelinie.

Police is still looking for the last and best evidence: The tail of the little mermaids.

Also, the legs where off with a high technology laser “sword” (Star Wars fans watch out) that is assumable a prototype made of the scientist, and friend of Kato, Ethan Grace. 

Primrose is now at her mothers place, and Thalia now wants to have full custody of Primrose.

We will write again, to next weeks press conference of the police, to see if there have been any progress in the case.


Assignment: Write a newspaper article about either one of the tree stories (see paper) or with either the headline "Who stole the little mermaid" or "Who stole the crown jewels?" Least half a page, max two and a half (without layout)

If you have read Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games and/or The Kane Chronicles, you will find this as the most stupid text ever written. But my friend and I found it sooo amusing, hehe ^^

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