En samling af mine engelsk stile.
A collection of my english essays.


2. Time Warp

I waked up. Slowly I lifted my eyelids. "And this would be the bathroom" I heard a voice say. Slowly I sat up. I heard the voices again. "And look at this beautiful ceiling". The voice was not any I knew, and i curious looked around. Also my room wasnt as usual. There was a very expensive looking desk, and behind me a beautiful, big closet. I stood up, and looked at the bed. It wasnt mine eather. It was a big bed, with pillows out of something that seemed like silk. But else the room was empty. No pictures, figures or anything else. Of course I thought it was a dream, so I punched my self hardly. It hurt. My thoughts where one big mess, so I decided to go out to see, if anything else had changed. I looked at myself, expecting to see my old Snoopy night dress, but instead I was wearing a beautiful silk gown. Duuuut duuuut. I jumped at the sound. Suddenly I heard a lot of sounds coming from the streets. I slowly walked outside my room, when i heard low talking in the kitchen. I tiptoed to the door, and got a short glimpse of the people sitting in the kitchen. There was a man, probably around the 40s and a young couple. I quickly and silent got out of my house, or should I say the house? Anyway, the streets where so different. Everyone was partying, even tough it impossible could be after 9 AM. Also they where different dressed. The girls had big, flared skirts, a lot of feathers and so on. There where a lot of people, old as young. "Excuse me, can you please..." I tried to say, but no one was listining. I took a better look around, the streets where the same, but some houses looked different, some wherent even there. I saw a street sign, that confirmed my thougts. I was on my street, in front of my house. Even though everything seemed different, it was still the same. Yes, it sounds confusing, but it made perfectly sense to me. "Oh, shoot" I murmured. "Excuse me, " I tried again, with the same results. Some people stopped and glared at me, but I just guessed that it wasnt normal to walk around in a pj.

I found me way trough the glitter and dancing, over to the other street side. I walked about 5 minutes, and finally came to the inner city. There was even much more noise here, then at my house. I looked confused around. There where no beggers, and everyone seemed to be having fun as if it was the 4th of July. There where coming many people out of the banks, and suddenly a girl at about my age stopped in front of me. She glared me up and down, and just as I thought she would say something, she turned around. Just when she was about leaving, I called -almost screamed to overpower the noise, "STOP". She turned around again and I looked straight into here green eyes. "What?" She sounded friendly, as if she had time forever. "Could you please tell me what day it is?" I asked. She gave a little smile, probably thinking I was out of my mind. But how should I else find out where I was landed. "Its Friday the 8.9 silly." But she meant it kindly. I gave out a nervous laugh, suddenly thinking about my appearence. I must have looked awful. My hair would be all messy, and first now I realised i was going on bare feet. "Why is everyone partying?" I stuttered nervously. Now she definitly thaught I was crazy. "Why shouldnt we? Everything is great! The money is almost raining down, schools free, and well...I dont know. I guess its fun. I mean...this is the twentys." The last 4 words she laughed. "But I have to go now, im sorry. Maybe another day? Im Mary." "Yearh, sure....another day...Im Emily" I answered, but i knew there wouldnt be another day.  But what if there would be another day? First know Mary words sank in. 

This is the Twentys.

Emily was confused. Everything spun around here. The last thing that fell into her mind, was to run back to her house. But everything spun around, and as she tried to run, she fell. A man in a black suit stopped and asked here "Are you ok?" But she couldnt hear anything. She felt the pain that shot up her hand, when she had handed them out to support the fall. Tears ran down her cheeks, what if she wouldnt come home? Emily couldnt imagine a day without here usual life. She screamed out, but no sound came out of her lips. "MOM" she tried to call, but she couldnt drown the noises. She could se a blur of people coming to help here. Then she passed out.

Are you ok? Is she still alive?...A blur of unknown voices. Then another. Softer, and known. Emily, wake up, Emily.

I turned around. What had happened. The last thing she remembered was passing out on the street. Where were I? I slowly opened her eyes, peering out of the quilt. I looked right into my younger sisters, Cassandras, smiling, hazelnut eyes. Her blonde hair was falling in my face, and tickled me. I was back in my room. "Get up, dont waste your Saturday on lying in bed all day!" I heard my mom say, beside my bed. I was back. Maybe it was just a dream, even tough it seemed so real. I quickly turned my mind, when i felt my pyjamas. It wasnt my old pyjamas. It was the beautiful silk one, from 1920. Deffinitly not a dream.


Write a story about where you would go with the headline "Time Warp". Max one page. 7a

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