En samling af mine engelsk stile.
A collection of my english essays.


3. The future I hear

It was stormy. Everything turned around. It was like standing on a big carousel, which was determined to get me off. I tried to focus, to stand still. But I couldn’t. It was to blurry, and I got confused. Suddenly I saw something. A head, followed by a body was getting clearer. The person slowed down, and so did a lot of others. I saw their faces; they were staring at me, with big eyes. These people, they were my haters. The ones that made life a living hell. I opened my mouth, wanted to ask them to stop. They called me things. “You’re so ugly! Yikes!” It was Lara. Her hair was brown, it must’ve been before she had coloured it. She looked better with brown hair. “Now you’re mean” Jessie said in a teasing voice, but she didn’t mean it. Her ice blue eyes looked coolly at me. If eyes could kill, I would already be in a coffin. Then the third person appeared. The leader of them all. Clarisse. Her green eyes where unnaturally large and looking at me. She opened her mouth, ready to spit all the insults at me. I was ready. I had heard every insult before. Smartass. Gross.  Bitch. Whore. Nothing could shock me anymore. But before she could say a single word, I finally got to me, and stepped back from her hypnotic look.

Suddenly I woke up. My mom was calling at me. I sat up with a little jump, looking anxiously at the big, lightning blue digital numbers, staring at me, from above the ceiling. 7.30. I relaxed a bit, knowing, that I had plenty of time. To do exactly what? To worry? I had worried enough! Not a day had gone, without me thinking about it. I hadn’t told anyone from my class. I didn’t dare to. What if it got wrong? I would have to hear people talk about it for months, maybe years. My mom had left the room, and a little square hole had appeared in the wall beside me. Then a little white, metal plate came out. I took the remote control from it, and zapped down the clock. A pressed another button and a warm cup of cocoa came out. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be able to get that. Actually, my mom usually disabled all kinds of food and drinks at my bed, except for birthdays, holidays and maybe some tea or orange juice and a croissant at weekends.  But she knew this was a special day to me. And of course, to my family. I didn’t have enough near friends, to say that they cared. Of course, there was nothing special with the day itself. A regular Thursday, our neighbours would say. Nothing special, for anyone. Maybe there was a person that exact Thursday in the world who thought it was special too. A mother who just gave birth to her child. A child who lost her parents. Or even some random teenager, having here first date. But I don’t know them. I can’t tell their stories. Maybe you want to read about a little child, being born, an orphan, or a teenage love story. But the only story I can tell you about is mine. But before I cut right to the chase, you should now a bit about me. My name is Katherine Sara Dulaine. You probably wonder why my name sounds French. It’s actually a quite boring story. My dad’s mom was French, and when he married she refused to change her last name. That was something charismatic in the Dulaine family, the stubbornness. And I am officially the most stubborn girl in the world. So, now you know my name and that I’m stubborn. But there is still one remaining fact. A very import one, actually. I am deaf and I can’t speak. It was under The War, where 37 countries where destroyed. It was terrible, but I don’t remember much. The only reason we didn’t die was our Aunt Beatrice in Greenland. China against USA, USA against China. Iran against Iraq, and so on. As we were on our way home, we got attacked. I was 4 years old; the war had been going on in 10 years. Apparently, I somehow had managed to break my vocal cords, and my eardrum. Great. I don’t say everyone’s mean. Of course they’re not. Many people are sweet to me, some find me even more interesting, and some are just over-the-top polite to me. I don’t have a problem with that. But I don’t enjoy it either. “Be sweet to that Katherine girl, down the street. Poor girl” they tell their kids. “Aaah, yes, it was a very tragic history.” They tell their friends. I am entertainment. A good conversation. It doesn’t matter anyway, I can’t hear it.  No, I can’t. But I can see it, in their eyes. I am not stupid! And I hear it. I ask my brother to tell me. He answers. He’s really good with sign language by now. With a deep sigh, I got up, and out of my bed. It hovered a half metre above the ground, with a green shadow under it. As soon as I stood up, it started the transformation. It got a bit lower, and turned around. I looked at the low couch which now was covered in beautiful, blue silk. Then to big, green, glittering and 3 smaller, white pillows appeared. Before I left the room, I sat to auto-clean; it had to be perfect, when I came back.  I walked in the kitchen and sat down with a bump. My mom gave me a plate with some fried eggs. I smiled vaguely. She looked outside the window. The grey clouds hung low over the skies, and it looked like it could rain every moment. It fitted perfectly to my mood. I took a bite, thinking, that I probably weren’t hungry or too nervous to eat.  But the eggs where delicious, and I kept eating. When I was finished I took a look out of the window. Still raining. I glanced nervously at the watch. 8.10. Still much time. I figured out that I had to, at least try to make something productive, so I decided to make my homework. In English we had to write an essay about how it would be, living in the past. I chose 21th Century, 2000. It was my own idea, I had read and heard about how exciting it was. Even though I was highly interested in that particular theme, I couldn’t take my eyes of the small watch, which hang over our TV. I knew I wouldn’t make anything that day, or well, nothing I could hand over to my teacher, anyway. I decided to go out in the garden. I took my notebook and some pencils with me. I sat in the lawn, drawing. I saw my mom standing at the window. I looked at her. “What” I said with my hands. “Nothing. Keep an eye, I’ll be here, but you still have 1 hour.” She showed. I nodded. Time went by. Neighbours looked. I saw them whispering. They didn’t care if I saw. What should I do? Get them arrested? I painted, first the beautiful flowers, then the cars. I took out my mobile phone, turned it on, and unfolded the hologram screen. I went on the internet, then on Google images. Then I start drawing old fashioned cars. I found one called “Toyota Auris”. Sometimes I couldn’t believe how they actually had driven in these cars. I was well protected from the rain now pounding at the windows, since I sat under my rain bubble. Time passed by... and soon I saw her. My mom was standing at the window. She smiled vaguely. I stood up, shaking. I nodded. The trip was hell. Everyone stared at me as we drove away in our little, car. It was floating few centimetres above earth, and in a bubble-gum pink. I absolutely loved it! The whole trip I was staring at the roads. The city signs telling you that you can buy “Full moon” clothes here. As if anybody could care less. Then we finally got to the clinic. The clouds where grey, the rain was pouring down and I swear I saw a lightning. The clinic was exceptionally white, and a long, stone path that lead to the front door. I walked nervously up the path, glancing at the bushes and the neat grass. By the time we were in, we were totally soaked, and freezing. It was now lightning all over the sky. I didn’t know how close it was, since I couldn’t hear it. But I hoped it wasn’t near. Everything had to be perfect! The waiting room had light green walls, with hard, grey, steel chairs. My mom and I sat down, and my mom made a few attempts to start a conversation. But I felt numb in my hands. Didn’t want to move. Couldn’t. My mom pointed at the doctor. It was my turn. My mom was there to show me what to do. I lay down. Doctors were around me. My mom told me that I would feel a short pain. Then I fell in a deep sleep… I waked up at a loud crack and bang. I was so happy. But then I realised. The first noises shouldn’t be “bang” and “crack”. I opened my mouth to say something. I couldn’t. It suddenly stroke me. They weren’t finished with the operation. Now I got scared. Suddenly I fell drowsy…my mind was drifting away, and I was falling asleep… There were noises. Had it worked? I suddenly heard a female voice. “The lightning hit the building…” “But something stopped it, and then It hit the electromagnet they were implanting in your ear. We don’t know what has happened. ”It sounded as if she was crying, I thought, even though I wasn’t quite sure, since I had never heard one cry. I was still in the hospital, looking at the same thing I was staring at before. But it was all quiet. I searched after a face I knew. I found her. My mom. She was smiling, at me, but sadly. She had cried. I asked her what was going one, and my arms fell down lazily. My mom’s eyes where filled with tears. I could still see the lighting go on outside the windows. She used her hands. “The lightning hit the building…” the tears now rolled down her cheeks. “But something stopped it, and then it hit the electromagnet they were implanting in your ear. We don’t know what has happened.” I felt a shock. And as I was looking at my mom, I suddenly heard something.

Clarisse was talking; I just knew it was here. But I was in a hospital? My mom and the doctors where staring at me. I heard Clarisse again. Talking about geography. It was her presentation about Germany, she had made me write it, so I knew…but that was first next Wednesday? It was all silent again. I was freaked out. Until I understood. It sounded crazy, yes, almost impossible. But I thought I knew what had happened. I could hear the future.



You decide what your story contains, entirely! Max. one page. 7a.

Min første science fiction, så bær over mig :)

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