Chaotic state of mind

How my mind has been recently - hope i find my sunshine mindset :)


1. Chaotic State of mind

Constantly in a chaotic state
a brain's entire
contents exploding,
vomited against my inner
milky bone,
sun dyed memories glistened still
hanging on by nostalgic threads -
simple comforts during stress' Tornado season
(which destroys many a good man),
those terrible
vein popping blusters willing to arise
at any O'clock,
Self doubt doesn't help -
like that back seat
passenger who never pays fare,
with life's ever-broadening shadow
titled downward over
his whites,
waiting patiently for his chance
to cause disruption -
a square peg in a chain of moons
created to be an eyesore,
to prove difficult
for removal.
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