MY first love

As Emmy starts her new school the policy of boys and love had never crossed her mind until she met the mysterious Will.
With love drama and hatred follow Emmy's life as she goes through shocking drama and despair.


3. The woods

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling strange, I sat up and remembered that we had moved. The massive space of my room felt very odd there was only the shadow of my new four poster bed and that was it none of my stuff had been moved into my new room yet just my new bed, so I could just see a massive empty space in front of me and my clothes from the previous day sprawled across the floor. I got out of bed and slipped my slippers on I yawned and stretched then went to open the curtains as I did so I sat on the window seat and peered out of the window and what I saw was beautiful. The summer sun shining on the the mini lake and illuminating the trees I had a yearning to get in that wood so I quickly went into my eun suite bathroom and got washed and pulled on my clothes from the previous day.
I didn't know how to find the back door so I must have been wandering around for quite a while when I reached the kitchen at long last I felt really hungry so I took a peak in the fridge.
There wasn't anything in there so I took a banana out of the fruit bowl and undid the bolts on the back door and went out in the scorching morning air.
The garden was a lot bigger than what it looked like out of the window of my third floor room and I had missed a lot! There was a sparkling blue pool with an alcove in and like a miniature golf green as I made my way down the lawn I felt a slight breeze and heard the chirpy singing of the birds in the woods.
As I reached the opening in the trees the sun shone down and temporarily blinded me but I ignored that and walked into the woods.

Stepping into the woods was like stepping into another world it was dark with a cool breeze running through the trees it was kind of the spooky type but I knew there was nothing to be scared of. I knew that in my family it would most likely be me who was the only one to enter through the trees.
I walked for ages and I had quickly cleared my head I tripped over a log and went tumbling into a near by bush a hole in the trees wow this was a great place to sit like a den I could go here whenever I wanted. Yes! I loved the woods the best thing about my new house!

After a while I checked my watch and saw that it was eleven a clock the fact that my Mum would be up and worrying about my whereabouts dawned on me so I got up off of the log tree stump I was sitting on and ran the wind rushing through my hair and speed going through my body in shivers.
I rushed out of the opening down the lawn and into the kitchen I checked my watch 11:15 wow I must have been running fast.
My Mum was sitting at the table eating a slice of toast and clutching a newspaper and a steaming mug of tea.
She looked up and said "morning hunny where have you been of to and why on earth are you out of breath who were you running from?"
"No one" I said giving her a kiss "I just wanted to explore the woods and by the way where is Darren?"
"Oh he is still in bed isn't he lazy" said Mum laughing.
She looked into my eyes and we laughed together, the first time we had done so in six months.
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