MY first love

As Emmy starts her new school the policy of boys and love had never crossed her mind until she met the mysterious Will.
With love drama and hatred follow Emmy's life as she goes through shocking drama and despair.


2. The House

I must have been listening to CDs for a long time but as I looked up I saw the billboards, shops and cars and I knew we had arrived in the city. I took out my ear phones and heard Mum and Darren talking I asked how long we had and Mum jumped slightly. "Oh darling not long now your going to love the new house just you wait and see" I was kind of excited to see what the house was going to be like because Mum and Darren had went without me I knew Darren was rich so I knew the house would be his type of thing expensive, large and luxurious.
20 minutes later we had arrived the removal vans were already parked up and half of the stuff had been taken out and lay to the side of the massive driveway I was right the house wasn't a house it was more like a mansion! I swear there was a great big front door and as I walked through it into the marble hallway I knew at once that this house was expensive. I was shown upstairs to the room that was to be mine it was as big as half the downstairs at home oh wait this was home however big and luxury it is I still did not feel comfortable and I don't know how long it would take me to even get to know my way round this place it was very modern and had four massive floors why did we even need this much space? Don't ask me.
I looked out the window and my jaw dropped! At the end of the lawn was a forest I am being serious there was a whole heap of trees and it was an actual forest well there's somewhere I can go when I need time to think. " I thought you'd like the forest it one of the main reasons I chose the place so what do you think" said Darren making me jump.
I realised my mouth was still open and quickly closed it then said "yes Darren I love it but still I think I might just need to get used to it" I said not thinking.
"you better get used to it you ungrateful little" said Darren as I quickly said "no I didn't mean it like that I meant its so big that I think I'm going to get lost!"
Darren can be so sly sometimes I never know how he is going to react I have to be so careful in what I say the slightest thing can change his mood and make him turn on me.
"well you better make the most of this house because it cost a lot and your new school that's going to be an awful lot too so you better not muck it up or get into any trouble like you did last year!" spat Darren.
Last year after Dad left I never could concentrate and I always used to daydream and talk in class I couldn't help it but letters had to be sent home and Darren wasn't happy, now I have to go to a new school and the nearest one is the best private school in the country let alone the city so I have to go there at my old school we didn't have to wear a uniform but in the school I'm starting on Monday we have to not just jumpers, shirts, trousers and ties but plaid skirts, short sleeved blouses and ties, with patent shoes, black woollen tights and cardigans, just what I need to make me look any older!
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