MY first love

As Emmy starts her new school the policy of boys and love had never crossed her mind until she met the mysterious Will.
With love drama and hatred follow Emmy's life as she goes through shocking drama and despair.


6. The First week!

The week passed quickly everyone was so nice to me and I had made a few friends.
I got on well with my school work and behaved well in lessons.
This school was not as snobby as I imagined but some people were.
"That Emmy Logan is such an attention seeker" said Tracy-Lou.
Tracy-Lou was one of them people, who thought that they were royalty or something, they always tried to get the boys attention, especially Will's.
Will was quite a mysterious boy, he always looked thoughtful like he was day dreaming and never really spoke much about his life at home, I wonder why? We were getting on well as friends and I learnt that all the attention from girls didn't really phase him and he didn't egg them on or anything which I don't know why just made me really happy!

On Friday, after the bell my teacher Mr McDonald, who had just taken my form for Tutorial or 'Tuition' which is what this school called it, asked me to stay back.
Will offered to wait, but I told him to carry on, not knowing how long our meeting would be.
I wondered whether I was in trouble or if I had done something wrong, but he simply just sat me down and asked how I had found my first week here.
I had quite enjoyed myself here and managed to remember quite a few names although I struggled with some of the 'popular' girls names as they all seemed to look the same in straight, dyed blonde tacky hair and overly used make-up and the way they seemed to wear their uniform with their ties extremely short and their skirts riding up their legs and showing a bit too much.
"Mr McDonald, I have really enjoyed my first week I just love this area and the friends I have made are really nice the lessons are so much more interesting and I can't wait to come back next week!" I explained to him, snapping out of my thoughts.

He let me go being happy with my response and I walked out of the school, having convinced my Mum that I was fine to walk home on my own.
I crossed the road outside the school gates and made my way through the clearing in the trees, I had managed to figure out the route to my house through the wood in my garden which wasn't massive, but big enough for me!
I kept stopping at my little 'den' each day, but when I got there today I saw that it was preoccupied and who by was the least I expected!
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