MY first love

As Emmy starts her new school the policy of boys and love had never crossed her mind until she met the mysterious Will.
With love drama and hatred follow Emmy's life as she goes through shocking drama and despair.


1. Moving

As we sped off in the car into the distance into our new lives all I could see was the blurred images of my best friends waving. I couldn't help letting rather large tears slip out of my big brown eyes and slowly roll down my cheeks. We were going to move away from everything the house were I had lived my whole life, the park where I had learnt how to ride my bike in, the school where I learnt to read and write and where I made my first friends who I am now leaving and will most likely never see again.
My Mum turned round in the front she did look rather upset too but with words of encouragement she said " don't cry hunny we will be fine we have to forget about the past forget about what we have left behind and think about what we have got right now you me and Dad going to move to a big luxury house in the city".
I flinched at the word Dad he wasn't my dad he was the guy my mum cheated on my Dad with the person who caused my dad to go where? I don't know all I do know is that I am never going to see him again and now that Mum married Darren he is never going to come back!
It had taken almost six months for me to get over my Dad leaving and trust me it was hard I have got used to Darren it was his idea to move I don't know why he wanted to move to the city but I don't know why he does a lot of stuff so I decided that how ever much I didn't want to move he wouldn't take any notice any way so I just went along with it.
My Mum says moving will help me forget about Dad however much she tried to apologise I wouldn't have it but I guess if he did care about me then he would have stayed in contact with me it has been my thirteenth birthday since then and guess what no card no visit no present no nothing my Dad doesn't care about me no he doesn't I guess he blames me for not telling him about Mum and Darren but I couldn't believe it myself but the day he hit my Mum that was just as unbelievable. I think I understand now why around that time I was treated so much with designer trainers, CDs, trips to theme parks and meals out but anyway its over now back to normal except Darren not Dad.
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