MY first love

As Emmy starts her new school the policy of boys and love had never crossed her mind until she met the mysterious Will.
With love drama and hatred follow Emmy's life as she goes through shocking drama and despair.


5. Friends and Crushes

We stepped into the main entrance hall ad my jaw dropped yet again.
"oh my goodness" I gasped and Darren smirked.
The lady from the intercom rushed up and said excitedly
"Oh hello Emmy and Mr Logan come right this way we cant leave you waiting as lessons start in half an hour" she explained
"well we better move fast then better we when is my appointment with Mr Shandsy?" joked Darren.
"Same time as lessons start so in half an hour and that will give us enough time to get get through rules, regulations and time tables" smiled the receptionist "and by the way my name is Nicole Redding so Miss Redding to you Emmy" she smiled.

We walked down a hall way and up a flight of marble stairs and into a neat office that had a desk with a plaque that said Miss Redding on there were two seats at the desk and Miss Redding gestured me and Darren to sit down.
She went through the basic rules like
No stealing, No bullying, No gum, No smoking, No Vandalism and that sort of stuff then she handed me my time table great first lesson Biology with Mr Kinglear just what I needed a subject which I couldn't do for toffee!

After what seemed like an eternity a loud bell sounded and Miss Redding showed me to my form room where I was made to introduce myself then sit down. The only seat left available was next to the cutest guy I had ever seen and I don't normally like boys but this one OMG he was h-o-t .
I sat down and said to him "Hi I'm Emmy" and he looked at me his blue eyes deep in thought said "I'm Will" and smiled a smile which I could not help smiling back.

My new form tutor Mr McDonald took the register and then we went for 1st period which was Biology as I walked out the classroom I heard someone say "Emmy wait up" I spun round and so did a couple of other people mainly girls with looks of jealousy on their faces I stopped and Will approached and said "we can be friends can't we" "yes sure and what lesson have you got next cause I have Biology with Mr Kinglear and I have no clue on where to go" I said.
"Oh right I have Biology too! I'll show you where to go" said Will.
We walked up two flights of stairs and down a corridor that smelt oddly of burnt fish and into a classroom that was a lot more modern than I expected and we sat down on a stool at a bench and got out our stuff in my case my planner, pencil case and timetable.
Another girl sat down next to me and said "hi you must be the new girl hi I'm Lucy" .

"Hi I'm Emmy" I said as a rather large man came through the door who I assumed was Mr Kinglear who said "settle down now class stop talking choppity chop".
The class quietened down and Mr Kinglear took the register and suddenly stopped when he reached my name.
"Oh so we have a new person to the gang well stand up then Emmy Logan lets introduce you to the class!" he said and I stood up and everyone turned round and a couple of boys wolf whistled.
I smirked at some of them then sat back down as Mr Kinglear carried on taking the register.
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