A grave site in london

Follow the journey of Martinus and Alex thought life in an ever changing world of warlords and thief’s. Though good and evil and against the council of light.


1. A Grave site in london

Martinus opened her wild eyes too gaze upon the ancient city. The sky pondered in waves of unforgiving tantrum as the water feel from her eyes and the sky. The city, the gods had given to the ancients was now a dear liked collection of dark lifeless towers of some old twisted metal. Martinus thought the metal must have been strong to stand against time and the elements. She gathered her belongings, nothing more than a sword and a collection of small coins. She knew she could find what she needed to survive out in the wilds of an unforgiving world. As she walked thought the city she felt like the life force was draining out of her until just ahead. She saw the family grave yard. The river next to it felt as dry as her eyes did but the tears kept coming even though it felt like there was nothing left to expel. This place was her family had been planted for hundreds of years. She took out a small black and silver clay pot. She started to scrap away at the thin layer of dark earth, under which lay her whole existents.


All her family had withered and died of the years of heartless war. Her mother was the first casualty of her large family. In the site were uncle, aunts and heroes to the family she had once known.

Martinus continued to scrap down into the ground trying to get deep enough to here existent to make what she had to easier. Once she was close enough she up-ended the pot to release her father into the bosom of the family.  She rolled back onto her knees and wiped away the final sobering emotions she felt for the man at her feet. Never again would she see the family she held so close. She pushes the clay social back into place to keep her father warm. Then she removed a small silver rings from behind her neck where it had fallen in the weather. And placed in onto her father’s grave.

She rose, stronger having made the last time of her father on earth as he would have wanted it and moved away dragging her life-line behind her. Heading up and out of the city of her family.

AS she left the twisted maze of towers, slowly across the fields where battles had been fort, in the distance she could she a small copes of wood. The only land make on the now undulating plans of the old city. She entered the woodland to seek shelter and maybe a berry bush of two. She hunted for the sweet round fruit in the stinging brambles of the old world. Under one she found a small bundle of cloth. Martinus drew make whipping her sword out from its scabbard. Raising it to her left


shoulder she gave the bundle a quick kick. It let out a lofty moan of pain. Slowly it unfolded itself into the space under the bush.

Martinus stepped back and raised the point of the sword to the throat of the things neck. It was a girl about a head or two shorter than martinus and younger by far. The girl closed her eyes waiting for the thrust martinus never pushed forward.

“Who are you?” martinus demanded of the girl “Don’t please, don’t kill me!” the girl cried as she fell to the floor.

From their point in the wood they had a clear view of the plains and in the far distance martinus could see the trail of smoke coming from a distance village far off to the north. But there was something else. The raiders where heading there way ready to clean up and strangers left behind. She grabbed the little girl and ran.

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