Love Until Death do us Part

[One man is becoming disaster.
Even though a man is still singing.
I’m tearing up at the thought of break up.
I can’t touch you, I know.
I’m falling, catch me.
I hate this love song] Key always had feelings for his best friend, Jonghyun. He wanted them to be more than just friends, so what happens, when he tries to confess his feelings? Disaster... That's what. (I apologize for any spelling or grammatical mistakes you may find)


2. Like Cherry Blossoms

It was a day like any other. It was spring, and unbearable hot outside. The trees were pink, blooming with beautiful cherry blossoms, falling slowly and perfectly to the ground, one by one. Students were on their way to high school, and somewhere in the crowd, Key was watching his best friend, Jonghyun, kissing his girlfriend goodbye before leaving for school. They didn’t attend the same school, since Key’s and Jonghyun’s school was for boys only.

Boys, not girls, what Key sometimes wished he was. Even though his face was a little feminine, he wasn’t a girl. His eyes were like a cat’s; threatening, yet gentle. His hair was black like coal, but soft like a thousand clouds. His bangs were cut oblique, and covered his left eye a little. It covered one of his soul’s windows, so people couldn’t see his true self. See his pain.

“Hey, Key!” Jonghyun greeted as he saw his best friend, looking back at him. Key’s sad and disappointed face turned into a big, fake smile. He was hiding, like always. Hiding behind a barrier of what he really felt towards his best friend. He never wanted Jonghyun to care about him. He just wanted him to be happy.

Smiles were never enough. Friendly hugs weren’t satisfying. He wanted to be closer to Jonghyun, than anyone else. Share his feelings with him, without being disgusting.

“Ready for school?” Jonghyun asked with his beautiful smile, since Key didn’t say anything at all, when they walked through the school gate. Key looked at his best friend before answering. He always thought that Jonghyun was the most perfect creature in the world. His hair was like fire; blond in the tips of his hair, and the rest of it was a little darker. His eyes were like dark chocolate with a golden glow. Eyes which easily could capture every girl in the world. He wouldn’t change a thing about him.

“Yeah, did you do your homework?” Key asked quickly. He had been looking at his friend’s perfect looks for too long, so he tried to force himself to look away.

“Do you even have to ask?” Jonghyun laughed. He was right, Jonghyun never did his homework. He wasn’t the best student at school, but not the worst either. Key, on the other hand, was pretty good at everything, but a lot of the students were scared of him, because he could be very evil towards them. He was such a diva, but he protected his friends for all costs.

“Look!” Jonghyun suddenly said and picked a cherry blossom from one of the trees surrounding them. He handed the flower over to Key with a soft smile.

“What?” Key asked a little confused.

“Pink is your favorite color, right?” Jonghyun tilted his head a little.

“Oh, yeah… It is,” Key mumbled, when Jonghyun gave him the beautiful flower with the pink petals. The pink color was perfect; it was pink like candy floss. Getting a flower from someone you like, who doesn’t like you back, is like getting a dagger stabbed in your heart. Jonghyun didn’t know that what he did, for being friendly, hurt Key so deeply.

“We’re getting late for class,” Jonghyun suddenly said while looking at his watch.

“Wait, Jjong! There’s something I want to tell you!” Key exclaimed. He froze in his position, when Jonghyun looked at him with waiting eyes.

“What is it, Key?” Jonghyun asked. Key bit his lower lip a little, before he decided to open his mouth. He wanted to try to tell him, what he felt. He wanted to tell him, what he felt inside his heart.

“Well… I… I mean, I just…” Key said words, that didn’t really make sense. He couldn’t put the words together, to make a proper sentence. Jonghyun crossed his arms while looking at his best friend, who was rather confused.

Suddenly the school bell started to ring, and all the students hurried to class. Jonghyun looked around him and then at his friend with a little smile.

“We should probably hurry up, Kibum, we’ll be late,” Jonghyun said, using Key’s real name, though he knew, that Key hated his name so much.

“You can tell me later, OK?” Jonghyun asked, taking his best friend’s hand to drag him to class, since he couldn’t really move.

“Yeah, Jjong,” Key mumbled while lowering his eyes.

I can’t tell you… I’ll be disgusting.

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