Love Until Death do us Part

[One man is becoming disaster.
Even though a man is still singing.
I’m tearing up at the thought of break up.
I can’t touch you, I know.
I’m falling, catch me.
I hate this love song] Key always had feelings for his best friend, Jonghyun. He wanted them to be more than just friends, so what happens, when he tries to confess his feelings? Disaster... That's what. (I apologize for any spelling or grammatical mistakes you may find)


5. Confession

Key went to school early in the morning, long before the school started. So did Jonghyun. Key wanted to talk to him, and Jonghyun wanted to talk to Key as well. They agreed to meet a little earlier, so they could talk, with no one to interrupt them.

“What did you want to talk about, Jonghyun?” Key asked when he was standing before his best friend. Jonghyun didn’t look into Key’s eyes. He was too sad and disappointed.

“You first, Kibum,” Jonghyun mumbled, without looking up from the ground.

“N-No, please… You’re first Jonghyun,” Key said, he still didn’t have the courage to tell him. He wanted just a little more time, so he could be ready for an answer.

“Why do you hate Sekyung?” Jonghyun suddenly asked, out of the blue. Key didn’t move. He didn’t breathe. He didn’t even look away. The leaves on the trees surrounding them were falling off, one by one. The pink leaves felt to the ground, next to Key’s feet.

“What?” Key mumbled.

“You heard me, Kibum. You’ve called her a lot of names lately, haven’t you? Why do you hate my girlfriend?!” Jonghyun yelled, tightening his already clenched fists.

“I’ve never called Sekyung anything, beside her name!” Key promised with a sad face and a broken heart. Jonghyun didn’t believe him. He just looked at his best friend with an angry stare.

“Don’t you like her, Key?”

“I hate her! Okay?!” Key yelled out loud. There was a few seconds of silence afterwards, while Key was catching his heavy breath.

“I hate her, because she’s so mean when you aren’t around, Jjong… She never wants me to be together with you. She is always trying to ruin our friendship, but you just can’t see it,” Key said, looking at the ground with tears in his eyes, falling down his cheeks.

“You can’t see it, because you love her. I know how blind love can make you,” Key whispered sadly, trying to deny it. He couldn’t, it was the truth and he knew it.

“What are you trying to say?” Jonghyun asked. Key finally looked at Jonghyun with a face full of tears.

“I love you, Jonghyun. That’s what I’m trying to say. I’ve loved you for so long, but I just didn’t know how to tell you,” Key said, crying even more, trying not to look away.

Jonghyun’s eyes grew big, and he backed a little away from his best friend. He couldn’t believe in what he just heard. His best friend was gay, and even in love with him?! Jonghyun’s heart beat too fast for him to handle it.

“Look, Key… You are not gay, okay? You are not in love with me, you hear?” Jonghyun said, with a forced smile. Key just looked at Jonghyun with an empty stare. His eyes still filled with tears. Key shook his head and tightly closed his crying eyes.

“I love you so much, won’t you please tell me, that you love me back?” Key asked. At that time, he was very vulnerable. Jonghyun closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Kibum, I don’t love you. I never will, I’m not interested in guys, I like girls only,” Jonghyun said a little harsh. 

Just like a mirror, splinted into a thousand pieces, Key’s heart broke. He was left with nothing, but a ruined friendship. Jonghyun didn’t say more to Key, but just walked past him to get into the school, as the students were appearing.

Of course he wouldn’t love someone like you! You’re a guy, he’s a guy. You don’t belong together. You’re so disgusting, how could you even believe that he would want you?

He’s got a hot and famous girlfriend, who he loves. You’re so stupid, disgusting and inhuman. No one would ever like to have you.

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