Dandelion Rags

A poem inspired by The Cranberries song - Yeats Grave


1. Dandelion Rags

She had Shamrocks in her
hearted emerald shiners
floating within twin pools,
reflections of pastures
many noons tracked
back n' forth,
dandelion rags wind-blown
cartwheelers armed with
toothy grins,
when an ol' farmer's hen
would come all clucking
waggling her finger
at our....disobedience,
cross-knuckle promises
we honestly made,
brushing daisy wings
off make-shift thighs,
Us merely tumble-weeds
on pastel shadings
stretching moon-crater to
concrete where I languish now,
maybe it would take ages
for her to hitch-hike,
barefoot with pomegranate
seeds blooming,
blackening soles popping
like split cherries weeping.
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