CLONE - Short Story

Lying a ditch, wet, cold, he lays half beaten. Half broken. When the stranger appears everything changes.



Darkness filled the sky as the aroma of fear drifted through the atlantic breeze. The red glow of the skies mist began to fade and the sparke light of a star bounced off the small mud puddle that lay in the ditch. mud, weed and rubble surround the area where a young boy lay, weeping. Skin so rough, it cracked. His eyes were black and his face so pale. Slight spasm's of fear and chilliness occured every other second. Crooked teeth chattering. He struggled, pushing his long legs into the mud trying to arise from his position. He screamed in pain, there the snapped bone was visable from his right arm. Blood slowely coloring the water in the ditch until he lay in blood, in pain and suffereing. His screams ecohed as if through a valley. No reply.

Suddenly appeared a face, again so pale and his eyes so black. Though he stood taller, peering into the ditch. No expression, like he was death. Just staring blankly at the boy as he gasped for help. It started to grow dark, seconds had passed and it only grew colder. Rain started to fill the pit with freezing water. There still, the shadow stood. Staring emotionless at the young boy.The shadows hands started to twitch, slowely reaching forward, as if it was to grab the boy in the puddle, but still there he stood motionless. Although it felt like hours only miutes past and the rain fell heavier, the figure slowely decended, sitting on the edge of the pit. His legs hung over loosely, again with no visiable movment. Moonlight reaveled his long dark complexion and his cold rouge lips stood straight on his long narrow face. His tight masucline jaw, outlined by the grit of his teeth shone in the streaks of light.

There revealed at last, the boy looked and begged for help. He saw the complex tatto of a symbol, printed on the man forehead. A bold circle, with contents of a cog like sillouette, both different shades but undetectible under the shine of the moon. The Figure Glanced and smirked as he arose. Rain drops run down he soft mellow skin as he pulled over his big cloth hood showing the shadow of darkness within the hood. He weilded a staff, polished black. Handel of clear crystal, cracks fllowed from the core of the crooked round handle, giving the effect of bolts of lightning. He hid it in his long black robe and spun. Quickely. Silently. Standing with his back towards the boy.

The boy stared, eyes drifiting. Pain releasing. He fell silently, as the blurred hsadow of a man dissapeared in the darkness. He slowely closed his sharp eyelids. The pace of his heart beat slowed. The grip of his hand and the grit of his teeth loosened. He lay there, dead. As rain slowely continued to fill the mud ditch. Covering his cold stiff body. He took his last breath.
"Ouch!" He cried. Rubbing his slightly bruised head on the roof of his coffin.
"Bad Dream" He mummbled to him self. He pressed his hands on the the oak wood pushed the lid and relying on the rusty brass hinges that held it in place. It wouldnt budge. Paniking, he looked around, total darkness. Fear of been buried alive grew, he shook. Hypoventolating. Running out of breath. He hand grew tight, gripping to the soft velvet he lay in. He shook, he kicked, he screamed. Nothing worked and he started to fade. Again eyes drifting, as he struggled to gras his breath.

Finding the light in his pocket he flicked the switch. The blinding light startled him. His eyes squinting, as the light shone of his pale blue ocean like eyes. He looked around, finding nothing until he glanced at the roof of the box. The symbol. The bold circle contaiing the siloutte cog. He reach and placed his dirty hand on the symbol. Underuneath his hand it statrted to burn, he reflexed sharply pulling away. His eyes fixed on the symbol he watched. They lit up, a bright white colour. The cog started to spin , increasing rapidly in speed until only a soft circle blur of light could be seen. It got brighter, brighter. Bliding his paths of sight. He started to shake. It was like he was fitting. Bang! a shap pain hit his chest. Some sort of enerygy channeled from the symbol passing through his chest lifting him to the top of the coffin. His eyes rolled and he screamed in pain but it was undetectable because of the sound of the mechanical energy still passing through his weak body. There was a big burst of light, flames leading th way. The explosion blast it way through tot he surface were the coffin lay buried. Expanding into the midnight air. up the angry orange and yellow flames flew. destrying everything in contact.

There he lay, staring to the stars. No coffin lid. no soil, just laid on the soft velvet below him. Breathing heavily but confidently, he stood up. using the sides of the blackened coffin to hoist himself up. Faster than the speed of light, not even visibe to human eye. a burt of read enery ran down his muscular body, propelling him high up out of the coffin. into the wind. Then touch back on to the soft solid ground which grew grass. Moonlight beginning to fade he looked at the wreckage. There lay the symbol, burnt to the soil, still in fames. Smoke still filled the air he stood in the center of the symbolic cog that lay on the ground. He glanced the sky smiling. In a flash he vanished into thin air. Dust in his trail. Small sparks Leave him gone. The place desereted. Dead.

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