Cold blood


2. Midnight murder

It was 5o'clock when i got home there was another 7 hours until i turned into a vampire again. I don't want to, i'm hoping to go see a specialist doctor and see if there is some sort of cure for this mad "disease?" but im scared they'll call my mum and tell her or run away and scream Vampire!!!!! Maybe i should run away and never turn back, Maybe start a new life with the Vampire family.... No!!!! I can't i could never leave my family. I am the only sibling in my family so i cant tell anyone. Oh no the clock is ticking 5 hours to go before.... before........(silence). You know what i'm on about. I dont need to say it out loud i can think it instead. Mum's calling me for dinner now we've got roast lamb (YUM!) roast potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, beans and cabbage(YUCK!). Then for pudding we have either trifle or vienetta(ICECREAM). But no blood....................... I've finished my dinner i had trifle and i left part of my cabbage, its 10:00 and i have 2 hours to go. I tried to get to sleep but i can't so i started reading instead... VAMPIRE BOOKS!  I told mum that Vampires were the new thing at school so i had to have Everything Vampire stuff even a Coffin but before that i said "Mum Can i have a coffin?" She said "what do you want a coffin for?" "to sleep in" Guess what she said......YES!!!! Its so amazing i told her everyone had one and if i didnt have one i'd be out of the club.    OH NO!!!!!!!!!! Its 12:00!!!!  My fangs have appeared and im walking towards my mum!!!! No no noooooooo! She dropped to  the floor like a ragged doll.  What have i done????? I have killed my own mum!!!!!

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