Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


2. Love to hate you(part2)

Fic;Love to hate you(part2)

The next morning they get to the circuit bright and early. It would be a hot day so Maria were wearing her mini-skirt and a top with string straps. Christian thought it was too revealing but she was stubborn so she refused to change. It was a race day so she would be alone all day. She wanted to see the race in the pit box so she begged him if she could. She was happy he allowed her to do that as long as she behaved. Christian went somewhere so she would wait downstairs. People were coming in to the Energy station. In a moment Sebastian Vettel arrives. She would get that autograph now. She finds a pen and paper on the counter on the bar. He’s approaching the stairs. “Excuse me. Could you do me a favour?” She says and he stops “Ok” “Could you sign this paper for my friend? She’s a big fan of yours” She says, handing him the paper “Sure” He says smiling and does so “Thanks, my friend will love this” “No problem. Anything else?” “Have you seen Mark?” “No, I haven’t seen him. I just got here. But if you wait here you might see him” “I will” She says and smiles He smiles back and gets upstairs. She hides the paper in her bra. She doesn’t have to wait for long when Mark gets there too. He was alone. She says hi before he sees her. “Did you sleep well?” She asks after his greeting “Fine. You?” “Like a baby. Are you busy?” “Not yet. Why?” “Do you have time to talk?” “I should try to prepare for the race. Maybe after that” He says walking upstairs She walks after him. “It won’t take long, please” “Alright. Come” He says and opens the door to his room She smiles to herself, following him there. They leave the door open. She looks around the room. It looked the same like in her uncle’s room. Mark faces her. “What did you want to talk about?” “Nothing special” She says and gets closer to him He could see what she was trying to do and it made him feel uncomfortable. “So how do you know Christian?” “He’s my uncle” “Oh I didn’t know he was. I should actually get ready. We have a briefing soon” He says nervously “I like you Mark” She says and touches his arm “How old are you?” “Does it matter?” “No but I already have a girlfriend” “I know. So? I still like you” “Shouldn’t you like someone like Sebastian?” “I like you. Someone who is older. He’s a kid but you’re, you’re a man” She says looking up and down at him “This is getting a bit far. Shouldn’t you wait downstairs?” “I’m just keeping you company” She says and gets closer “I don’t want to be rude but I rather be alone right now” “You really are gorgeous” She says and runs her hand across his chest She’s just about to kiss him. “Maria” Shouts Christian who he sees them when he’s walking pass He grabs her hand from him. “I’m sorry Mark. She’s out of control” He says to him and leaves with her They get to their room. “What a hell do you think you’re doing? I told you to wait downstairs” He says upset when they get there “I’m sorry but he invited me to his room so I went” “I think you offered yourself there. I doubt he did it” “Maybe he felt lonely” “Stop with the lies. You better watch the race here instead” “I did nothing wrong” She pleads “What were you doing then?” “Well, I just wanted to test him” “Stay away, ok?” “Ok then” She says and sits on the couch “Stay here and don’t go away. I’ll be back” He says and leaves the room She picks up a magazine and looks through it. She puts it away and stands up. She sneaks out of the room and looks around that nobody would see her. She walks to Mark’s room and hears talking. The door is open. She stands outside to listen. “I swear I didn’t touch her” She hears Mark say. “I don’t think you did. But she can be persuasive and make you do anything. She’s only 19 and doesn’t know any better” Christian says “Thanks for telling me. I would never let her get to me” “Good. See you in 20 minutes” Maria quickly gets back to her room and sits down on the couch. Christian gets back. “Do you want something to drink?” He asks her when he does “No I’m fine. What now?” “There’s a meeting in 20 minutes so I’m going downstairs. Don’t go away” “I’m bored. So I’m gonna wait here?” “That’s right. You will stay out of trouble” She sighs and leans against the couch. “Read. Watch TV. When I get back, we get some lunch, ok?” “Ok” She says and smiles He leaves. As soon as he’s gone, she stands up and leaves the room. She knocks on Mark’s door which is closed. “Just a minutes” He shouts from inside and she waits His door was locked so he unlocks it and opens it. Maria smiles. He had his overalls stripped to his waist. “You again. I have to go” He says upset “Can I come in?” “No, you can’t” “Ok, I let everyone know” She says laying her hand on his abs “Ok, ok” He says and let’s her in “What do you want? I’ll be late from the meeting” He continues and closes the door behind them “I heard you and Christian talk. It’s not true what he said” “About what?” “About that I don’t know any better. I know what I’m doing in most things. And I know what I want” She says and gets closer to him He looks at the time on his wrist watch. “Are you nervous?” “No” He says, shaking his head “You look nervous” “I don’t want to be late so could you leave, please?” “You don’t have to be nervous at all” She says and runs both of her hands on his chest “Doesn’t your uncle know you’re here?” He asks, taking her hands away “He doesn’t have to know” She says and tries to kiss him “I really think you should leave” He says and walks pass her to get to the door “I can wait for you here” “No, you can’t. I’ve tried to be nice to you but this is getting too much” He says almost angrily “For you or in general?” “If you don’t, I tell Christian you tried to seduce me” “You won’t be believed. You promised you wouldn’t let me get to you” “You still haven’t. I’m not gonna say again” He says and opens the door, showing her out Then out of the blue, she gives him a quick kiss on his lips. She smiles and gets back to her uncle’s room. Puzzled he stands by the door awhile. Downstairs Christian has seen what had happened. He was confused what to think. He would handle it later. Now it was time for the meeting.

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