Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


8. Love to hate you(part 8)

Maria was watching the race on TV downstairs with the other staff. The race was going well for both Mark and Sebastian. It looked like a certain 1-2 until the second pit stop. They took Mark in from the lead. The tire change lasts for ages. He loses positions and when they let him go, he’s ended 18th. Sebastian is leading 22 seconds from the driver in 2nd. He still has to stop though. Mark tries to move up. He’s already at 10th place position but then Christian tells him through the radio that he has to come in again. He’s loosing tire pressure and they have to change tires. He stays on track despite the command. He’s being told again and he then he obeys. Maria looks at the other staff. Some of them looked confused. Something strange was happening. It was difficult to hear what was said on the radio. It didn’t look there was any problems. There was nothing wrong with his speed. There were about 15 laps left. Sebastian was dominating the race. Mark did his pit stop and was trying to move up. He was up to 8th but his race was already destroyed. The race ends. The team is celebrating except Maria. She didn’t want to watch the podium. She gets upstairs to her room. She knew things weren’t the way it was suppose to. From the first day she came to a race, she knew. She had to confront her uncle about it. She puts some music on and waits on the couch. 45 minutes later she hears an argument next door. She stops the music and goes to listens behind the door. She could hear Mark’s and Christian’s voices. She couldn’t hear what was said but it was something about the race. The door opens and she quickly goes back to sit on the couch, pretending she had been there all along. But Christian doesn’t get there. She stands up and gets to the door. She sees him walk down the stairs. The door to Mark’s room is open. She knocks on the door lightly. He sits on the couch looking at some papers. He looks up. “Hi Mark” She says and closes the door behind her “I told you I would call you later” He says upset “No need to aim your frustration at me” “I’m sorry. It’s just this race” “I know, I watched it. What happened?” “I rather forget it” He says and stands up to come closer to her “I want to know” “All right. The race went perfectly but then the pit crew screwed it up. Next it’s the tires. But there was nothing wrong with them. So they took me in for nothing” “They did it on purpose” “I don’t think so” “You don’t see it, do you? They do anything to make Sebastian look good” “Of course he’s the favourite but it doesn’t mean I’m being screwed over” “What was the argument with Christian just now” “You heard that?” “I don’t know what was said though” “I was just upset but things are OK now” He says and caress her hair “It was more then that. I’m gonna talk to him about this” She says and turns to leave but he takes her hand “It’s better you stay out of this. Come here” He says and she does so He wraps his arms around her waist and gives her a kiss. He was still wearing his race overalls. “So what are we gonna do now?” She asks after the kiss “I have some PR to do, media and things like that” “How long will that take?” “I don’t know. That’s why I would call you. When are you two leaving?” “I don’t know either. With Christian you never know” “I call you anyway. We’ll see then. I have to get ready” “I have to go back” “See you later then” He says and gives her one more kiss She opens the door and leaves, closing the door. Just when she’s about to step in her room, Christian shouts after her. “Maria, what are you doing now?” He asks upset Startled she turns around. “Nothing” She says and gets inside the room “Then what were you doing in Mark’s room?” He asks and follows, closing the door behind him “Just talk” “So you haven’t left him alone after all?” She sits down on the couch. “It’s nothing like that. We’re friends now” “Why are you lying to me? I know something is going on” “Nothing is going on. Not sure what you’re doing. I know you destroyed his race by making up problems” “You only defend him because you fancy him. You don’t know anything about the sport” “Maybe so but I know you don’t treat him fairly” “Don’t change the subject. This is about what you were doing in Mark’s room” “I already told you. Why are you against that anyway? It can’t be that you’re worried about me” “It’s exactly that and I promised your parents I would keep you out of trouble” “Well I have” “What’s this friendship with Mark about then? First you flirt with him and now it’s friendship” “So what? Am I not aloud or is it forbidden too?” “Not at all. As long as it’s just that” “Good. What now?” “There’s a few things I have to do first but then we can leave for the hotel” “Are we flying home today?” “Not me but you are” “Why can’t I stay?” “Your parents want you to go home” “What if I don’t want to?” She says upset “Then you will never get to a race again” “You wouldn’t let me come anyway” She says looking at her hands “Where did you hear that?” He asks puzzled “Sebastian told me” “I’ll see. I’m surprised Mark didn’t tell you. Since you’re friends and all” “He doesn’t tell me everything” Christian looks at the time. “I should go. Stay here in the mean time. It won’t take long” He says and leaves Maria sits on the couch. She was disappointed she wasn’t aloud to stay. If she only could meet Mark back home. She stands up and gets to the hall. She knocks on his door but he had already gone. “He’s not there. I saw him leave a few minutes ago” She turns around and sees Sebastian coming from downstairs. “I thought so. Congratulations for the win” She says and smiles “Thanks. Are you not coming to the party?” “No, I have to go home” “Awe, what a shame” “Well my parents wants me home” “Can’t you say no? I would like if you came” “I could but Christian said no. I hate him sometimes” “Tell him I invited you. Maybe then he let’s you” “I didn’t think about that. You’re an angel” She says and gives him a big hug “No problem” He says and smiles “What is this?” They stop hugging and turn to look at the person who’s seen them.

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