Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


7. Love to hate you(part 7)

Maria was upset. She took a walk in the paddock to cool herself down. She had been betrayed by her uncle and by Sebastian who swore he wouldn’t tell him where she had been. She didn’t believe she could trust anyone any more. The only person she could trust was Mark. She gets back to the Energy station. It was already lunch time but she wasn’t hungry. She would get to her uncle’s room. On the way there, she meets Sebastian. He says hello but she just walks upstairs without saying anything. “Maria, what’s wrong?” He asks and walks after her She opens the door. He gets in front of it. “Have I done something?” “You told my uncle about me being in Mark’s room. Are you spying on me?” She says upset “It wasn’t me, honest. If I say that I heard Christian talk to Mark that he won’t take you to the races any more, would you believe me?” “You’re lying” “No, it’s true. You won’t see Mark again” “He can’t do that” “Apparently he can. You just have to convince him that you won’t cause any trouble” “Thanks for telling me” She says and smiles “Like I said, it’s none of my business what’s going on between you and Mark. I won’t interfere but if you need to talk. I’ll be here” “Thanks for that. You’re really nice” She says and gives him a hug “Nicer then I thought” “You’re welcome” He says and smiles back He leaves and she opens the door to her room. Mark has just got upstairs and has seen them hug. “What was that about?” He asks and she turns around “Nothing” She says and smiles He looks around that no one sees them. “Come here” He says and opens the door to his room She does so and closes the door behind them. He puts his mobile on the table beside the couch. He turns around and gets closer to her. He wraps his arms around her waist and they start to kiss with her arms around his neck. He lifts her up and she wraps her legs around his waist. She runs her fingers through his hair. He stops kissing and let’s her down on her feet. “Wow, what was that?” She asks and smiles “You probably already heard that Christian won’t be taking you to the races any more so I thought I make the most of it” “Sebastian told me” “You told him about us” He says upset and let’s go off her waist “No, I didn’t. He saw me coming out of your room yesterday. He figured it out himself” “Shit, that was not suppose to happen. Now Christian will suspect something” He says running his fingers through his hair nervously “It wasn’t from Sebastian’s mouth. He told it himself” “That’s why he won’t take you to the races, he wants to keep you away from me” “We must find another way to meet. How about in the UK?” “No we can’t. Too risky” “So you think we should just forget it?” “No, not now. I’m too deep into this. I know I was reluctant to respond at first but something happened and here we are” He says and gets closer to her again “I knew before we met, it’s you I want” She says laying her hands on his chest “This might sound cliché but the kiss made me want you even more” He says and caress her hair “Shouldn’t you get ready for the race?” “I didn’t mean we should do it now. A little inpatient are you?” He says and smiles “It’s you being eager” She says and smiles back “Sorry about that” He says and gives her a kiss “I should be going then” She says after the kiss and is about to leave “You can stay here” He says and takes her hand “Christian might come back so I better go. Besides if I stay, we just might take our clothes off and do it” “You’re right. I call you after the race” He says and gives her one more kiss “Good luck” “Thanks” He says and let’s go off her hand “Bye” She says and heads to the door They smile at each other and she leaves, looking around to see that no one does. She gets to her uncle’s room. Luckily he wasn’t there. She lays down on the couch to sleep. 15 minutes later he gets there. They go to lunch together. He had no idea what was going on.

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