Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


6. Love to hate you(part 6)

Maria and Christian arrives early to the circuit the next day. She was excited because would watch the race from the pit box. They get to the Energy station at the same time as Mark. He acted like nothing had happened. He didn’t say good morning and not even looking her way. Christian talks with him a while. She listens to them. It was something about the race ahead. She kept looking at Mark, wondering what went through his mind. If he thought she would leave him alone by treating her bad, he was wrong. After a while he gets upstairs. “I’m going to the conference room. Go and wait in my room. I’ll be back soon” Christian says to her and leaves She walks upstairs and sees that the door to Mark’s room is open. She didn’t knock. He stood his back to her so he didn’t notice she was there. She gets closer and wraps her arms around his waist. Startled he turns around. “What a hell? How dare you sneak behind me like that? And you left the door open” He says upset and goes to close it “Sorry, I shouldn’t have” “What are you doing here anyway? I’ve got an interview in 30 minutes” He says and looks at his watch “Did you sleep well?” “Why do you ask? Do you think I didn’t?” “I don’t know. You just acted strange after the kiss. Which was incredible by the way” She says and steps closer to him “I have no idea what you’re talking about” He says and walks pass her “Still denying it I see. I don’t know why you do” “I’m not denying it” “It’s just a kiss, you said. But if it was just that, then why did you stick your tongue in my mouth?” He looks away embarrassed. She gets closer to him. “You must have liked it at least a little bit” He looks at her. She stands closer to him and caress his neck. “OK, I did. I just didn’t want to go further then that” He says letting her “If it happened again, would you do it?” She asks, looking deep in his eyes “It depends if it happens” He replies and caress her hair “What should I do to get it?” “I don’t know. Shouldn’t you know what I want?” “You want to know how it feels like to taste something forbidden. You know it’s wrong but you can’t resist it” She says looking closely at him “I’ve been thinking about it but something is stopping me. I’ve never been in this situation before” “I’ve been thinking about it too. It excites me to know that you thought about it” She says and touches his lips with her fingers He takes them in his mouth and sucks them slowly. She touches his ear with her other hand. He stop sucking her fingers. He wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her like the day before. She moves her hands across his chest and down to his belt. He let’s her do it. She opens it and his pants. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. They quickly get away from each other. “Who is it?” He asks “Christian” They look at each other. “Just a moment” He says and closes his pants “Hide in the bedroom” He whispers to her She does so. He gets to the door to open it. “Hi, is Maria here?” Christian asks when he does “No, why would she be?” He replies without trying to sound guilty “I thought she was here since I can’t find her anywhere” “Maybe she took a walk. Sorry but I should get ready for an interview” He says and is about to close the door “So she doesn’t bother you any more?” “Nope” “I told her not to but you never know” “Was there anything else?” “So you haven’t seen her?” “No, I’ve been here all morning” “Oh OK” He’s about to close the door. “Oh, one more thing. The cleaning lady found Maria’s mobile in your room yesterday. Was she here then?” “No. I have no idea what it was doing here” “Maybe she can explain. Tell her she can get it from the bar. See you at the briefing” Christian says and leaves Mark closes the door and leans against the door. Maria gets out of the bathroom. “That was close” He says relieved and then looks at her “You better leave” He continues and they get close to each other “Can we meet after the race so we can continue where we left off?” She asks and gives him a kiss “Not here. I call you when we can meet” She gives him her number. “I better go. Good luck for the race” She says and gets to the door “And Mark, I can’t wait” They just smile at each other and she leaves. She was happy. She had to keep it for herself so the secret wouldn’t come out. She gets downstairs to get her mobile from the bar. Then she gets back to Christian’s room. He was waiting for her there. She had some explaining to do. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere” Christian says when she enters “I was looking for my mobile” She says and shows it “You could have just asked me. Did you only discovered it missing today?” “Yes. Maybe I was just excited about the upcoming race. I can still watch it from the pits?” “It depends what you answer my next question” “But you promised” “What were you doing in Mark’s room yesterday? I want a honest reply” “I just congratulated him for his pole” “For 30 minutes?” “I wasn’t there that long. Who told you that?” She says a little upset “I have a witness” She knew exactly who had squealed. “They’re wrong” “Maria, you promised you wouldn’t disturb him” “I haven’t. Just ask him” “I will. I doubt his sincerity though” She got worried. Had she revealed something that could jeopardised Marks position in the team? “He made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want me around” “Until I find out the truth about this, I want you to stay here until the race is over” “What truth? You promised I could watch the race in the pits” “I changed my mind. My decision is final” “That’s not fair. I did nothing wrong” She says and starts sobbing “I’m sorry Maria” “I hate you” She screams and storms out of the room She bumps into Sebastian who was passing by. “Thank you very much” She says angry to him and walks downstairs Puzzled he just stands there. Christian comes out of the room. “What was that all about?” Sebastian wonders “Just a small disagreement” He says and smiles a little At the same time, Mark gets out of his room. He would get to his interview. “Exactly the person I wanted to see” Christian says to him “I should get to the interview” He says and is about to close the door to his room “It will just take a minute” “All right” He says and gets back in “See you later Seb” Christian says to him and enters the room, closing the door behind him Mark looks at the time on his watch. “What did you want to say?” “Just telling you that I won’t be taking Maria with me to the races any more. She won’t be bothering you again” “OK. Thanks” He says and smiles but in his mind he was disappointed When Christian turns his back, the smile disappears. Behind the door, Sebastian has been listening. He quickly leaves when the door opens. Christian steps out and leaves downstairs. Mark runs his fingers through his hair. He had to find a way to see Maria. He compose himself and leaves, closing the door after him. He never thought another woman would make him feel this way. It was like he was possessed and couldn’t get away. He had to concentrate on the race ahead.

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