Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


5. Love to hate you(part 5)

Maria had told her best friend everything that she had talked about with Mark. How close she was to a breakthrough. Even her best friend told her to be careful. She knew it was wrong but she was so infatuated that she didn’t care. She asked her uncle if she could attend the next Grand Prix. But he said no. She begged for another chance. She promised she wouldn’t be disturbing Mark. She did everything so she could see him again. Christian agreed a few days later. She was overwhelmed and she couldn’t wait. At the circuit she stayed in the Energy station most of the time. She watched the practises and the qualifying downstairs with the other staff. She saw Mark a few times but she didn’t approach him. She wanted to be good so that her uncle would let her watch the race in the pit box. She also wanted to give Mark some space. The qualifying on Saturday was a success for the team. Mark got his first pole of the season and Vettel was second. Even she noticed that the team wasn’t as excited when Vettel got pole. She thought it was strange that only one of the drivers got full support. She didn’t think about it more then that. She waits downstairs for Mark so she could congratulate him. It would take a while so she orders a drink. Most people had gone back to work so she was alone. She waits for 45 minutes when he gets there. His overalls wrapped around his waist and his hair all wet, made him look really sexy. He looked really happy but when he sees her, that happiness disappears. He just walks pass her to go upstairs. She walks after him. “Still upset at me? I left you alone” “Obviously not” “Can’t I even congratulate for your pole?” He stops and turns to her. “OK, thanks” He says with a fake smile and opens the door to his room “Why do you even want to ignore me? Are you afraid you can’t resist temptation? Is it getting to you?” “I know what you’re trying to do. You keep on and on until I give in but you’re wasting your time. I’m already in a happy relationship so I don’t need to cheat” “Who said anything about cheating?” “Isn’t that what you want me to do?” “No. I’m surprised you even mention it. Maybe deep inside, you’re consider it” “I don’t. You don’t even know me so you don’t know what I think” “Last time we met, you were worried people will see. See what? That you feel attracted to me?” She says and touches his abs “I don’t. You got it all wrong” He says but this time he doesn’t take her hand away She notices he doesn’t. She moves it to his chest while looking in his eyes. “I should get a shower. I’ve been standing here far too long” He says and steps inside his room but  leaves the door open Maria looks around to see that no one sees her enter. She closes the door behind her. He’s taken his under shirt off. He drinks some mineral water from a bottle. He knew she was there so he wasn’t surprised she was. He turns around to look at her. She keeps looking at his upper body. “Shouldn’t you wait in Christians room?” “Wait for what?” She asks and looks up “For Christian of course. I don’t want him to find you here” “But still you left the door open?” She says getting closer to him “I was going to close it” “Right. I think you wanted me to come here. You even took your shirt off” She says, standing close to him “I was about to take a shower. It has nothing to do with you” “Are you not pushing me away?” “I think you know what’s best for you” “Meaning?” “Whatever your next move is, it can change everything. Are you ready to meet the consequences?” “If I can be with you, yes” She says, touching his chest “You know we can’t be together. Even if I wanted to” He says, taking her hand away “So you mean you would if you could? What’s stopping you?” “I don’t know why I’m saying this. Could you leave please?” He says and puts the bottle on the table in front of the couch “So playing hard to get. Out of sight, out of mind” She says and he turns around “What do you mean?” “You try to deny you feel attracted to me so you send me away. I bet you’re gonna think of me when you’re in the shower” “You never give up, do you?” He says and smiles a little “I know when a guy likes me and I know what I want. I’m might be young but I know what a guy like you likes” “So what do I like then?” He asks and gets closer to her “Hm, let me see. You like to be teased” She says while he gets closer and closer until she can touch him He looks closely at her. She runs her fingers across his chest. “What else?” He asks while breathing in her ear “I don’t know. It’s all a blur. You standing so close and everything” He looks in her eyes and slowly moving to her lips. They meet each other and he gives her a passionate kiss. She wraps her arms around his neck and runs her fingers in his hair. He lays his hands on her hips. They stop kissing and look at each other. She unwraps her arms and moves her hands across his chest to his waist. She tries to open his overalls but he takes her hands away. “I won’t let you go that far” “Even if you really wanted to go further? A kiss like that usually leads to sex” “I really should get that shower now. I should get back to the hotel as well. And maybe you’re uncle is already wondering where you are” He says and moves away from her “That’s it? Are you just gonna forget what just happened?” She asks puzzled “Back to reality” “What about the kiss then?” “It was just that, nothing else” “I know what this is. You don’t want to get aroused so you ignore everything” “Like I said, I don’t need cheat” “But you just did. I didn’t force you to kiss me. It was you who started it” She says a little upset “I don’t have time to argue” He says and gets to the bathroom “Mark” She says and follows him there He’s taking his shoes off and throws them outside the bathroom. “Don’t think you can just leave it to one passionate kiss. No one kisses like that if they don’t want more” “I want to be alone now so bye, bye. You know the way out” He says and closes the door to the bathroom after him Puzzled she stands there a while. The shower is turned on. She opens the front door to leave. “Hi Maria” Frighten she looks up. “Sebastian, you scared me” She says with her hand on her chest “Sorry about that. What were you doing in Mark’s room?” “Oh, this is his room? These rooms looks all the same ” She says and giggles She could see, he didn’t believe her. “I thought you left already. Christian was looking for you about 5 minutes ago” “Please don’t tell him I was there” She says, touching his arm “It’s none of my business what you were doing in Mark’s room. You secret is safe with me” “Thanks. I was just congratulating him for the pole, nothing else” “No need to explain. See you later then” He says smiling and then he leaves Relieved she gets to her uncle’s room to wait for him. She was confused about what had happened in Mark’s room. Maybe he was just denying he had feelings for her. Somehow it was understandable. She was the niece of his team boss and there were other things to consider, so maybe he was just being careful. Christian arrives a few moments later. She was relieved he wasn’t suspecting anything.

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