Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


36. Love to hate you (part 36)

An hour later, Mark gets back. Maria is sitting on the couch, reading a magazine she had brought with her. She stands up and gets to meet him. He looked relieved.

“Now that was settled” He says and gives her a kiss

“Is everything fine?”

“Yeah. Let's sit down on the couch” He says and they do so

“So what happened?”

“I was on my way here when a journalist asked me if it was true I was becoming a father. I didn't answer it at first. I thought he gave up but then there came more of them. I've never experienced anything like that before so I got a little worried. It was then I called you”

“I'm sorry about that” She says and caress his hair

“It's not your fault. That's the way the media works. Anyway. I got here safely and met Christian downstairs. He said I should give a short statement. So I went back outside where the journalists still stood waiting. I said it's true and that they should respect our privacy”

“Will they?”

“I hope so”

“So what now? Can we leave safely?”

“We're not leaving yet. Gonna take a shower and then there's a meeting with the team” He says and stands up

Maria leans her back against the couch while he undresses. She keeps her eyes closed. She was still tired. He gets back from the bathroom 10 minutes later with a towel around his waist. He sees her sleep and sits down on her right side. He caress her stomach and her hair. She opens her eyes and smiles.

“Tired?” He asks and stops touching her

“A bit” She says and notice the towel around his waist. “When is the meeting?”

“In an hour. Why?”

“Oh nothing. Just wondering” She says and runs her hand across his left thigh while looking in his eyes

“I did get pole position” He says and kisses her lips

“If I wasn't pregnant I would be all over you” She says when their lips part “But now we have to be careful”

“OK” He says disappointed “I should get ready anyway” He continues and stands up

She takes his hand and look up at him.

“I'm sorry but if you wait long enough, something good will happen” She says mysteriously

He just smiles. He knew what she meant by it. He gets to the other room to get dressed. Maria smiles. She might be pregnant but she still had urges to fulfil. Every time she looked at him, she was happy to be with him. In a moment he gets back with shorts and a Red Bull T-shirt on. He sees her smile.

“What are you smiling about?” He asks and takes his watch on the table in front of the couch to put it on

She stands up and gets to him.

“I'm just so happy” She replies and wraps her arms around his neck “I'm happy I'm married to you and that we're gonna have a baby”

“Me too” He says and smiles “Let's go downstairs. I have to get to the meeting” He says and she unwraps her arms

Hand in hand they leave to go downstairs. There were no journalists around. They meet Sebastian and Jenny by the bar. They were sitting close to each other, talking.

“Hello you two love birds” Maria says when they get there

“Hi” Jenny says and smiles shyly at her

“Hi Maria. Congratulations. It's really true this time” Sebastian says and smiles

"Thank you” She says and smiles back “I hope everything is fine with you”

“Couldn't be better” He says and looks at Jenny

Maria knew they had a secret to tell.

“Sorry to interrupt but we really have to go” Mark says, looking at the time on his watch and let's go of her hand

“Nice to see you again Maria” Sebastian says and gives her a hug “Bye girls” He says and gives Jenny a kiss on her cheek before leaving

“When the meeting is over, we can leave” Mark says to Maria and gives her a kiss on her lips “Bye babe. Bye Jenny” He says and waves them goodbye

Maria sits up on the stool carefully.

“We can go and sit somewhere else” Jenny says

“No this is fine. So what is going on?” Maria asks, looking at her

“About what?`

“You and Seb of course”

“You won't believe this” Jenny says excited

“Happy news?”

“Yeah. He asked me to marry him” She says, a big smile on her face

“Oh my. So happy for you” Maria says excited and gives her a hug

Jenny tells her everything that had happened. They would get married in Sebastian’s home town in December. Both of their parents were delighted. The girls had been lucky to have find happiness the way they did. The only thing that bothered Maria, was her relationship with her mother. Jenny promised she would try talk to her.

30 minutes later, Mark gets back. He already knew about the wedding since Sebastian had told him earlier. He congratulated Jenny and they say goodbye to her. When they get to the hotel, they make love, like Maria had meant. She loved him so much she wanted to show how. Things were getting better.


Maria met her mother in Jenny's and Sebastian’s wedding. The meeting was the solution. They finally made up. 6 months later, Maria gives birth to a healthy boy. Both of her parents were at the hospital since Mark had a race to attend to. When he got there to see his new family, her mother apologised for everything she had said. Finally Maria was fully happy. Things were getting even better, her best friend Jenny became a mother to a daughter. Both of the girls went back to school and graduated. They had finally become adults.



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