Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


35. Love to hate you (part 35)

Two months later, it’s the last race of the season in Brazil. It’s the first time for a while since Maria had been to a race. This time things had changed. She had quit school. At least for a while. Her parents didn’t like it at all. Especially her mother. It wasn’t just her quitting school, it was the reason behind it. Maria had totally lost in touch with her. But she didn’t care. She was happy how things were. At least her father still talked to her.
She arrives to the paddock on Saturday afternoon. In an hour the qualifying would start. No one knew about her situation. The weather was sunny and hot. She’s wearing dark red shorts and a blue top. On her head she’s wearing a cap and her eyes were covered with dark lensed sunglasses. She usually were skirts which showed her figure but now she didn’t want people to notice it was her. She covered her stomach with her paddock pass, she had wrapped around her neck. She wanted to get to the Energy station as quickly has possible so she didn’t have time to feel the atmosphere. When she gets there, she takes her sunglasses off. Just when she’s about to walk up the stairs, Jenny approaches. She had been sitting at the bar downstairs. The girls hadn’t met in a while so they hug for a moment longer. They had become friends again.
“So nice to see you” Jenny says after the hug
“Likewise” Maria says and smiles
“You look different”
“I feel different too. Can you guess?” She says and spreads her arms wider
Jenny sees her stomach straight away.
“You’re pregnant” She says excited “Congratulations” She says, hugging her
“Thanks. I’m happy too” Maria says, hugging back
“Does Mark know?” She says after the hug
“Of course silly” Maria says with a smile
“Just kidding” She says and smiles back
“But don’t tell anybody about this, OK?”
“I won’t. I promise”
“So how is it with you and Seb then?” Maria asks, changing the subject
“Great, still”
“Glad to hear that. I haven’t told you but I quit school”
“Oh you did” Jenny says surprised “Because you’re pregnant?”
“All together?”
“At the moment yes”
“How did your parents take it?”
“Not good”
Maria tells her how things had went. Jenny thought it was a real shame. The girls talk a while about other things and then Maria had to leave. They would meet later. She gets to Mark’s room where he gets ready for qualifying. He’s already in his racing overalls. She takes off her cap off and gives him a kiss.
“Problems getting here?” He asks, his arms around her waist
“No. Met Jenny downstairs”
“So she knows”
“She won’t tell anybody? Because I want to keep it private” He says and unwraps his arms
“No, she won’t. I trust her”
“Good. I have to get to the pits. Wish me luck” He says and gives her a quick kiss
“Get back here as soon as it’s finished, OK?”
“I’ll try. Bye” He says with a smile and leaves
Maria sits down on the couch. She takes the paddock pass and lays it on the table in front of the couch. Her mobile was in her pocket so she lays it there as well. She never carried a bag. She thought they were just in the way. She leans her back against the couch and lays her hands on her stomach.
“Now it’s just you and me baby” She says and closes her eyes
She’s not alone for long when there’s a knock on the door. She opens her eyes and says enter. She sits up when she sees it’s Christian. He probably already knew she was pregnant. But she covers her stomach just in case.
“Hi Maria. I heard you were here so I decided to say a quick hello before going to the pits”
“OK” She says with a smile
“Are you sure you can sit like that? Being pregnant and all” He says when he sees how she was sitting
“Where did you hear that?” She says a little upset, thinking maybe Jenny had told him after all
“Relax, your parents told me”
“Oh” She says and leans her back again
“Don’t worry, I’m not upset. I fully accept it. I just want you to know that, if you need help, just ask me. I’m happy for you both” He says and smiles
“I wish my mother would think the same. But she doesn’t want to understand” She says and looks down
Christian sits down on the couch beside her and wraps his right arm around her shoulders.
“I know. But don’t be sad. She will come to her senses” He says, comforting her
“You don’t know what she said. She said Mark only took advantages of me because he wanted to have a
family which is former girlfriend couldn’t give him. It’s not like that at all”
“Maybe she will change her mind after the baby is born”
“I hope so. Dad is much more excited so maybe she will too. She’s just stubborn” She says and smiles a little
“That’s the spirit” He says and and stands up “I have to go”
“See you later. Bye”
Christian says goodbye and leaves. Maria stands up to put the TV on. She would watch the qualifying. When it’s over, she closes the TV. She was tired so she lays down on the couch to sleep. Mark had come 5th so he probably would get there soon. In 30 minutes when she wakes up, he still hadn’t got back. She was getting worried. She stands up and gets to the front door. She would go and search for him. Just when she’s about to open the door, her mobile rings. She gets it from the table in front of the couch to answer it. It was Mark.
“In any circumstances, do not leave our room” He says on the other end, before she can say anything
“Why not?” She asks puzzled
“The media knows about our baby. Let me handle it, OK?”
“OK. When will you get here?”
“As soon as the media get what they want”
“All I can do is wait?”
“Sorry about that. Just stay there”
“What are you gonna say?”
“I tell you when I get there. I have to go. See you soon” He says and sends her a kiss through the phone
“Bye” She says and ends the call
She sits down on the couch. She knew from experience how the media worked, so she would take no chances. She would wait patiently for Mark to return. She continues her sleep on the couch. Being pregnant had it’s disadvantages but she was still happy.

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