Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


33. Love to hate you (part 33)

Maria’s parents decided they didn’t want to go all the way to Korea, where the next race would be, just to meet Mark. They would meet at their house instead. They lived in a one floor town house with a backyard. In front of it there was two trees and a driveway. It’s Monday morning and the sun was shining. Maria had been spending her free days with her parents. Mark had a meeting with the team at the factory, so he would get there later. She had told him their address. Her parents had a day off so they had time to meet their son-in-law. Maria is sitting in the kitchen with her parents,eating breakfast. She had slept in her old room so she still had her PJ’s on. Mark would call her when he would get there.
“So when is he coming?” Beth asks while drinking her coffee
“He does have a name. Is it gonna be like this when he gets here?” Maria says a little upset
“I’m not sure what to call him. I still don’t understand what the hurry was to get married”
“Why can’t you let it go? I already told you”
“You love him, I got that. It was still too soon”
“That’s your opinion” Maria says and drinks rest of her juice
“I don’t want to nag but you’re still in school. You still have time to do anything”
“I still can”
“I mean, meet new boys, travel, live a trouble free youth. And what if you get pregnant?”
“I won’t. We’re always careful”
“Even if you are, it can happen”
“If it happens, it happens. I already found the one and there’s nothing you can do about it” She says and stands up
“What your mother is trying to say is, that you’re still young. You have a lot to experience” John says
“I can do that with Mark. Maybe it’s a mistake for him to come here. You’re gonna question him like a criminal” She says and leaves the kitchen
Her parents looks at each other. Maria goes to her room to change. She would call Mark. She brushes her hair and puts a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on. Then she lays on her back on the bed with her mobile. She tries to call but there’s no answer. She would call and call until he would. When he finally does, he sounds busy. There’s talking in the background.
“Hi Mark”
“Sorry I can’t talk right now. Could you call back later?” He says on the other end
“No, I need to talk to you right now”
“Make it quick”
“It’s better you don’t come here”
“Why not?”
“My parents wants trouble”
“So what? I can take it”
“Are you sure?”
“Don’t worry. I’ll get there soon, OK?”
“All right. Miss you” She says and kisses the phone
“Me too. Bye” He says and ends the call
She sits up and puts the mobile on the night table beside her bed. She stands up and gets back to her parents. They were still in the kitchen.
“Mark is coming soon” She says when she gets there and sits back by the table
“I’m sorry, if we’re overprotective but we only want what’s best for you” Beth says when she does so
“I know what’s best for me and that’s being married to Mark. You just have to accept that”
“We’ll see how this goes. We try to be open-minded” John says and stands up to get to the sink with his coffee mug
“You should”
“So when is he coming?” He asks and puts his mug on it
“He didn’t say. Are you in a hurry?”
“No, just wondering”
30 minutes later, Maria is in her room, resting on her bed. She was a bit nervous. She knew Mark would handle anything. She just hoped her parents wouldn’t be too harsh. She hears a car outside. She could see the driveway from her bedroom window. She gets up from her bed and looks out. She smiles when she sees it’s Mark. She quickly gets out of her room and runs to the hall.
“I’ll get it” She shouts to her parents, who’s in the living room
She opens the front door. He doesn’t even have time to say hello when she wraps her arms around his neck to kiss him passionately. He wraps his around her waist and responds to her kisses.
“Hi, my sexy husband” She says after the kiss
“Hi, my sexy wife” He replies and smiles
“My parent are waiting in the living room” She says and takes his hand
They walk to where her parents are. They’re sitting on the couch. They stand up to greet him.
“This is Mark” Maria says, introducing him
“Hi, I’m Beth” Her mother says and they shake hands
“Hi, I’m John” Her dad says and does the same
“Nice to meet you” Mark says and smiles
“Please do sit down” Beth says and she sits down in the armchair, close to the couch
“Do you want something to drink?” John asks without moving from where he was
“No, thanks. I’m fine” Mark replies and sits down beside Maria on the couch, where she already sat
She takes his hand in hers and they smile at each other. John sits down on the other chair, on the left of the couch.
“So how has the season been so far?” John asks so the situation wouldn’t be silent
“Could have gone better” Mark replies to him
“But at least you met Maria” Beth says and smiles a little
She seemed more reluctant to speak to him. She was still careful what to say.
“Yeah, unlucky in games, lucky in love” He says and smiles at Maria again
“Wasn’t it a bit sudden to get married? I mean, why not wait?” Beth continues, more confident
“We just thought it was a right time” He replies to her question while looking her way
“I see. I heard other things”
“Like what?”
“That you had a long-term relationship before you met Maria”
“That’s right”
“Wasn’t that the right time? Comparing to a longer relationship with a relationship that has only lasted under 6 months, I think it’s weird the latter leads to marriage”
“Well, that’s the way it is” He says and looks at Maria
“It’s not really my business how it all went but will you go back to her if your marriage won’t work?”
“Mum” Maria says and looks upset at her
“You’re right, it really isn’t your business. I can assure you, I will never hurt Maria in any way” Mark replies calmly and glimpse at her
John sees where the conversation was going but he kept quiet. He was more opened about things, unlike his wife, who doubted everything.
“I don’t doubt that. But Maria is only 19 and still goes to school. Can you assure her a future? Or will she travel with you? And what then when your career is over, thought about that?”
“What does that have to do with our marriage? I understand you’re worried but we know what we’re doing. If you can’t take it, then too bad” He says still calmly but he was close to getting upset
“It has a lot to do with it. I don’t want Maria to make a huge mistake”
“You just met me so you don’t anything about me. I love your daughter and I will continue to do so. Judge all you want but nothing will change. Isn’t it enough, she’s happy?” He says a little upset
“Of course but she’s too young”
“So it’s the age thing that bothers you?”
“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it?”
“I don’t care”
“I guess you haven’t thought much about anything. Just going with the flow and see what happens- attitude”
“Well, I don’t care what you think. This was a waste of my time” He says still upset and stands up
He gets to the hall to leave. He gets outside, closing the door behind.
“Thanks a lot, mum” Maria says upset and gets up from the couch to follow him
“What?” Beth asks puzzled and watches her daughter leave
Mark has got to his car. Maria gets outside.
“Mark, wait” She says and gets to him
“I should have listened to you. Is your mother always like that?” He says when she gets to him
“No, she’s too nosy at times. But don’t care about that” She says, running her hand across his chest
“Your dad didn’t interfere much either”
“Why not come back inside? I’ll change the subject” She says and gives him a kiss
Her dad comes out and approaches them. They’ve started to kiss but Mark stops responding. Maria looks behind her and let’s him go.
“I want to apologise for my wife. I didn’t expect her to say something like that. I talked to her and she will apologise”
“I’m sorry but I have to leave anyway”
“But everything is fine, right? No bad feelings?”
“Yeah” Mark and smiles a little “I’ve got to go. I call you” He says to Maria
“Don’t go yet” She says and takes his hand
Her dad has gone back inside.
“Let’s go to my room. There we can be alone”
“With your parents in the same house, I don’t think so”
“OK, let’s go to your place
“It’s far away. It takes at least an hour to get there. And how about your parents?”
“I can come and go as I please. Just wait and I get my things” She says and gives him a quick kiss before getting back inside the house
He waits by his car. Her parents stands in the hall when she gets there. She goes to her room.
“Where are you going?” Beth asks and follows her
Maria takes her suitcase under her bed. She empties her closet.
“Are you leaving? Isn’t he coming back in? It must have been a very sensitive subject”
“You should have asked things about him and not interrogating” She says while folding her Pjs and putting them in the suitcase
“I’m sorry. I should have been more thoughtful”
“You never do. I rather go with him then stay here” She says and closes her suitcase
“OK, I understand. I don’t want our relationship to suffer from this”
“If you can’t get along with Mark, then you can’t get along with me” She says and takes her suitcase to leave her room
John waits in the hall.
“Bye dad” She says to him and opens the front door to leave
Mark gets inside his car while she puts her suitcase in the back seat. She gets in and they drive away. They look at each other and smile. Whatever would happen, they were happy.

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