Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


31. Love to hate you (part 31)

On Saturday after 3rd and final practise, Maria is sitting at the bar, waiting for Mark to come back from the paddock. She had arrived to the circuit a bit later. Her parents had called her. Christian had told them about her marriage to Mark. They were upset of course but even more that she had lied to them. She apologised but they didn’t want to hear none of it. They had a big row on the phone. They wanted the marriage to be cancelled but she convinced them to meet Mark before they could judge. They would come to the next race. Maria is alone at the bar. She has ordered a glass of cold water. People were coming in which meant the practise was over. The weather was hot outside so the Energy station was the best place to be in. She had changed her canvas shoes to sandals and the T-shirt to a tank top. Her shorts were the same. She had left her hat in the hotel. She didn’t like hot weather that much so she rather stayed in the air conditioned areas. She looks outside to see if Mark would arrive soon. The only person she knows enters the station. Sebastian is talking to a team member. They say goodbye and he approaches her without seeing her.
“Hi Seb” She says and steps down from her stool
“Hi Maria. How are you?” He says and smiles
“Fine. And you?”
“I bet” She says and smiles back
“I meant the practise”
“I thought it was because of you and Jenny”
“You know about that?” He asks surprised
“She told me yesterday. So just friends, huh”
“She didn’t tell me you two met”
“I’m not surprised” She says and looks away
“So you’re still not friends?”
“No, she’s a backstabber” She says and looks back at him
“So she talked to me about you and Mark. So what? No harm done”
“I understand you want to defend her but she hurt my feelings. She should apologise. I told her something in confidence and she blabs about it to someone else. I don’t trust her one bit”
“Maybe you two should talk it out. I think it’s a shame to lose a best friend over some disagreement”
“If she wants to talk, she can do so. But I’m not gonna take the first step”
“OK, I’ll talk to her. Sorry but I have to go. See you later” He says and walks up the stairs
She sits back on her stool. She thinks about what he had said. He was right about losing a friend. But it was Jenny’s responsibility to come to her. Maria would not do anything about it. Other people had got to the bar. The bartender is serving drinks. A guy in blue shorts and in a white T-shirt is sitting down on the stool beside her. He says hi to her and orders a drink. She says hi back and smiles a little. She holds her glass with both hands and keeps looking at it. She wasn’t thinking about anything. The guy glimpse at her. He was probably a little older then her.
“Hot day” He says to her
“It is. That’s why I rather stay inside” She replies and looks at him
“Are you waiting for someone? A boyfriend maybe?”
“You can say that. Are you a guest here?” She says and takes a sip from her glass
“Yes I am” He replies and smiles “I’m not trying to hit on you, if you thought that. I’m just making up a conversation”
“I didn’t think you did”
Mark had come back and sees her talking to the guy. He approaches the stairs and calls her name. She looks his way and excuses herself. She walks after him upstairs.
“Who was that?” He asks and opens the door to his room
“Just a guest” She replies and they enter
“Sorry I’m late. I had to give comments to lot of people” He says and gives her a kiss
“How was practise?” She asks, her arms around his neck
“OK but it’s the qualifying that counts. So how did it go with your parents?”
“They were upset” She says and let’s go off him “But I said they should meet you first before the could judge”
“So when is that gonna happen?”
“At the next race. Can you come?” She says and smiles
“How can I refuse” He says and smiles back
He looks at the time on his wrist watch. She’s started to open his overalls.
“No time for that now. First there’s lunch and then I have to start to concentrate on the qualifying”
“Spoil sport” She smiles and stops
“We got the rest of the evening time for each other” He says and kisses her lips once
He gets his mobile from his jeans pockets and they go downstairs to get some lunch. It’s a buffet so they take what they eat on a plate and they get to an empty table. They sit down to eat. They talk about different things. Sebastian and Jenny arrives with their food. He says hi to them and they sit down at their table. The guys start to talk to each other about the qualifying a head. Maria had nothing to say to Jenny. She on the other hand wanted to say but she didn’t know how to start. Maria was finished with her food. She listened to what they guys were talking about.
“Maria, are you gonna watch the qualifying in the paddock?” Jenny asks but she doesn’t reply
She just ignores her.
“Maria, did you hear?” She asks again and touch her arm
“No, sorry” She replies and looks at her
“You did but you just wanted to listen to their conversation” Jenny says, nodding the guys way
“OK, sorry” She says with a grin
“Will you?”
“No” She replies and listens to the guys again
Jenny eats what’s rest on her plate. She was getting annoyed. She tried to get Maria’s attention but she just ignored her. Maria tells Mark, she wants to leave. He tells her they would in a minute. It’s then when Jenny can’t keep any longer.
“Maria, I had enough of this. Tell me what I’ve done wrong. Why do you keep ignoring me?” She says angry and the guys stop talking to look at her
“Jenny, calm down” Sebastian says to her
“I’m not. She should know how I feel” She says to him “Well, Maria” She continues and looks at her
There were still people eating lunch and they look their way, wondering what the commotion was all about. Even though, Jenny wasn’t shouting, her voice was high enough to be heard.
“You should have thought about that before you betrayed me” Maria says upset
“Betray you? You got to be kidding me. It’s not like I stole your boyfriends from you”
“You told lies about me. You told me how to live my life. You were suppose to be there whatever happened but all you did was judge. You even tried to get on Christian’s side”
“I have never lied about you. All I did was trying to make you see, not everything is black and white. But I realise it now that I was wrong. I just want us to be friends again. I will never betray your trust again”
“It’s too late for that. Mark, shall we go?” She says and is about to stand up
“I’m with Jenny on this one. Life’s too short to hold a grudge. She already said sorry. I think you should forgive her” Mark says to Maria
“I agree” Sebastian agrees
Maria sits back and looks down.
“See. The only thing you can do is forgive me. I don’t expect our friendship to be like it used to. But it would be a shame if we don’t get along. We can’t ignore each other forever. I’m gonna prove to you that I can be trusted”
“OK. How about this?” She says and looks up while taking Mark’s hand “We got married” She says and they smile at each other
“Wow, that’s great” Jenny says surprised and looks at Sebastian who’s also surprised
“Congratulations then” He says and smiles
“Who else knows?” Jenny asks her
“Christian and our parents” She says and looks at Mark
“How did they take it?”
“You know how my parents are like, always doubting. But they will come to the next race so that problem will be solved” Maria says and smiles to her
“I guess our work is done here” Mark says and stands up “We have to go now. Wish me luck” He continues and gives Maria a kiss on her lips
Sebastian stands up and gives Jenny a kiss on her cheek.
“Bye” He says to her and waves to Maria goodbye
The guys leave and the girls look after them. Maria still had some water in her glass so she drinks it empty. All the people had left so they were alone. Jenny looks at the time to see how long it was to the qualifying.
“The qualifying starts in about an hour. Where will you be watching it?”
“You can stop acting. You really think we can become friends again?” Maria says, looking upset at her
“But you said” She says puzzled
“I know what I said. But that was just for the show”
“What should I do and say to make you understand how sorry I am?”
“You could turn back time” She says sarcastic
“If I could I would. But what’s done is done. We used to be so close, like sisters. But your relationship with Mark has changed you. Maybe it’s pride or something else. Please Maria” She says and lays her hand on her arm
She takes her arm away and looks away. Jenny sighs. A female caterer is cleaning the tables and picking up the dishes on a cart. The girls keep sitting by the table. The woman approaches them and takes their dishes away. She leaves and they are alone again. Jenny looks at Maria while she looks the same way.
“Are you not asking about me and Sebastian then?” She asks, breaking the silence
“I don’t care” Maria replies but she doesn’t look her way
“OK, you don’t want to be my friend. Suit yourself. Goodbye” She says and stands up to leave
Maria didn’t care. She just wanted to be alone. She leaves the diner. She would watch the qualifying from Mark’s room. She didn’t want to stay at the circuit for too long. As soon as Mark would get back, she would leave with or without him. She didn’t know if she wanted to come to the races any more.

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