Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


30. Love to hate you (part 30)

Mark is getting back upstairs after the meeting. Christian really had been upset but he didn’t say anything. The meeting had been like any other meeting. It had been a successful day. No major problems. Now it was time to relax. He’s already upstairs when he hears someone calling his name. He turns around and sees Christian approaching.
“How come you were late for the meeting?” He says when he gets there
“I was having sex” Mark says cheekily
“That’s not an excuse. Besides I said no sex in your room”
“Oops, sorry. My bad. Anything else?”
“I guess nothing has changed. Let me guess, it’s Maria in there” Christian nods towards the door
“Yep, want to say hello? But you better hurry, we’re gonna continue where we left off. She’s already waiting” He says and is about to open the door to his room
“So that’s what she’s to you, a toy to play with?” Christian says upset
“Yeah and it’s official” He says and smiles
“What do you mean?”
“Come and she will tell you” Mark says and opens the door
Maria is sitting on the couch and stands up. Happy she gets to Mark and gives him a kiss with her arms around his neck.
“So glad you’re back” She says after it and then notice her uncle by the door
“Want to tell me something?” Christian says with his arms crossed
“How about a hello first? Surprised to see me?” She says, letting go of Mark
“Mark said you have something to tell me?”
She looks at him and he nods.
“Well, you won’t like it but I don’t care”
“We got married” She carefully says
Christian looks at her and then at Mark.
“Does your parents know?” He asks her
“No, they don’t”
“Are you trying to provoke me?”
“No, it’s true” She says and gets to Mark, who’s moved a little further away from them
Christian was taking this calmly, which was weird. Maybe he was shocked to hear the news or maybe he realised that he could do nothing about it. He kept looking at them both. Then suddenly says.
“What about that other woman?”
“What woman?” She asks puzzled
“You haven’t heard?”
“Hear what?”
“He means that one in the photo you saw” Mark says to her
“Oh that. Whatever her name is” She says and looks away
“Lisa” Christian says
“How did you know her name?” She asks, looking at him
“I read the papers”
“He’s bloody lying. He set me up or tried to” Mark says angry
“I did not. She has come out saying that you two slept together”
“WTF, I did nothing of a sort” He says, raising his voice a little
“That’s what she said. I have nothing to do with it”
Maria has sat down on the couch. She had to think about it. While the guys argue, she was confused. One said this and one said that.
“Just shut up” She suddenly shouts “I can’t think in this noise” She continues, covering her ears with her palms
“I’m sorry love” Mark says and sits down beside her
“Maybe getting married wasn’t such a good idea after all” She says, uncovering her ears
“Don’t say that. You don’t believe in this nonsense, do you?” He says, caressing her hair
“You could cheat on your former partner so you could do it to me too. Even more now when I’m much younger then you” She says, looking at her hands
“That’s not true. I love you and there’s no words to describe it. No one will never understand what made me fall in love with you in the first place. No Lisa, who probably just wanted publicity, will brake us up. If you don’t believe me, I’m gonna prove it to you until you do”
She looks at him and smiles.
“Oh Mark. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this happiness you give me. I love you” She says, touching his ear
“I love you more” He says and they kiss a while
Christian have been listening and looks away. After the kiss, they look in each others eyes with their foreheads against each other.
“Mark, can I talk to you outside?” He interrupts them
Mark stands up and smiles at her. Then he gets outside with Christian, closing the door behind.
“I saw what was happening in there and what you said, made me realise how stupid I’ve been. I know you meant every word. I’m sorry for everything”
“You were a pain in the arse, I want to tell you. But what’s done is done. Your apologises are accepted. And I’m sorry about what I said earlier”
“Forget it. Let’s start from the beginning. You have my blessing. Welcome to our family” Christian says and gives him a quick hug “And don’t worry about Maria’s parents. I’ll explain it to them”
“OK, thanks” He says and smiles
“See you tomorrow. Bye” Christian says and gets downstairs
Mark gets back to his room. Maria gets to him. He gives her a kiss and lifts her up in his arms.
“Problem solved. Now we can start living again” He says happy and puts her back down
“So Christian has accepted how things are?”
“Yeah, imagine, team boss and a relative”
“All that matters now is that we can do what we want” She says and give him a kiss
“Let’s get out of here. Come” He says and takes her hand
She quickly takes her hat, sunglasses and mobile with her. Now they could walk through the paddock without the fear of getting caught. Soon the world would know about their happiness.

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