Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


29. Love to hate you (part 29)

Maria and Mark gets married in the magistrate in the near town. Since it was a secret, they didn’t tell anybody. She couldn’t believe things had went so quickly but she had no regrets. Next weekend it’s a race in South-Korea. Maria would get to the paddock later. They would keep their marriage a secret as long as they could. They hadn’t even bought real rings so it wouldn’t arouse suspicion. There was no doubt that Christian would be curious to see her there. She hadn’t talked to him in months. She gets a taxi to the circuit. It would be a hot day so she wore shorts with a T-shirt and a pair of canvas shoes. On her head she had a hat and a pair of sunglasses. No one paid attention to her. The paddock was busy as usual. Photographers here and there. The 2nd practise was about to begin so she wouldn’t see Mark yet. She gets inside the Energy station and takes her hat and sunglasses off. The station was packed with guests. They were talking and drinking in the bar. Some of them were watching TV on a big screen. She walks upstairs to go to Mark’s room. Just when she’s about to open the door, someone says her name.
“Maria?” A voice says and she turns around
“Hi Jenny, Surprised to see you here” She says when she sees her
“Likewise. So how are you?”
“Great” Maria replies and smiles a little “And you?”
“Great as well”
They look at each other. Maria hadn’t seen her in school or anywhere for that matter. This was an awkward situation. They used to be close but now they were strangers. They’re about to say something at the same time.
“You go first” Jenny says, smiling
“What are you doing here?” Maria starts
“I’m with Sebastian. I live with him in Switzerland”
“How about your studies?”
“It’s on hold now. You’re still doing it?”
“Yeah. I have a break for two months. That’s why I’m here”
“I see. Does Christian know?”
“No but don’t go and tell him”
“I won’t. Sorry but I have to go. I promised Seb I would come to the paddock. Nice to see you. Bye” Jenny says and walks down the stairs
Maria was relieved she left. One more fake smile and her face would go numb. She gets inside Mark’s room and sits down on the couch. She would watch the practise on TV. Before she puts it on, she sees a note on the table in front of the couch. She picks it up to read it. It says; “Hi, love of my life. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back as soon as the practise is over. Love Mark” She smiles and rips the paper, throwing it in the bin so no one would read it. She puts the TV on and takes her shoes off. She would make her comfortable all right. A surprise would be waiting for him. But first she would watch the practise. She found the practises quite boring but still she watched it. At first she wasn’t that into F1 but now when she had been in the paddock and all, she found it fascinating. She watched all of it and then closes the TV. She would get ready. She gets to the bathroom to undress herself. She finds a towel and wraps it around her. She keeps her hair loose. She looks in the mirror to check her teeth that they are clean. Then she hears Marks voice.
“I’m going to take a shower and then I’ll be right there” She hears him say
The door to the bathroom is open but he doesn’t see her standing by the door post, looking at him. He stands with his back against her. He’s almost undressed when he sees her mobile on the table in front of the couch. She’s so concentrated on him, she startles when he speaks.
“Did you enjoy the practise?” He asks and turns around to look at her
As he does so, she drops her towel which ends on the floor. He gasps when he sees her naked body.
“No need for practise. I already know how to do it. Come here sexy” She says lustfully and he gets closer to her
He was speechless. He looks deep in her eyes and push her gently against the door post. They kiss passionately while she pulls his underpants down. Their lips part when he takes them off.
“Let’s move to the shower baby” She says before he can continue kissing her
She takes his hand and they get inside the bathroom. She turns the shower on. They’re so aroused, they forget to close the bathroom door. Anyone could get in and see them at it. That was the last thing on their minds. With her arms around his neck and him holding her legs up, he was thrusting faster and faster. The mild water running on their bodies, made it even more sensational. They’re lips part and they just look at each other. He slows down his thrusting. He was getting tired.
“Oh Mark. You feel so good” She says, breathing heavily and running her fingers in his wet hair
“Let’s take a break” He says exhausted and is about to withdraw
“Please Mark, make me come” She moans, wrapping her arms tighter around his neck
“I’m tired. And besides I have a meeting downstairs” He says and let’s go off her legs to withdraw
“Is that more important then pleasing your wife?” She says and start to kiss him
“Duties comes first. But when I come back, I’ll promise to please you as much as you like, OK?”
“OK” She says and smiles
He gets out of the shower and takes a towel to dry himself. Maria turns the shower off and does the same. He goes to the other room to put his casual clothes on. She keeps her towel on. He gets back. She gets to him and wraps her arms around his neck.
“How long will it take? I miss you already”
“30 minutes, about. You better get dressed. We’ll leave after that. I love you” He says and gives her a kiss
“It takes ages. Try to hurry. I don’t want to wait too long”
“Patience my dear. Bye love” He says and gets to the door
“Mark” She says before he opens it and looks at her “I love you”
With a smile, he gets out of the door.
“You’re late. Christian is already pissed” A male voice says outside the door
Maria was alone again. She does what he had said. It would be a long wait. But it would all be worth it.

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