Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


26. Love to hate you (part 26)

Maria had told Mark everything that had happen in the meeting with her parents. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any consequences. She had to concentrate on her studies so Mark would call after the race weekend. It’s Saturday in Japan. Mark is walking upstairs in the Energy station when Christian calls his name. Both of them had just arrived to the circuit. They hadn’t talked the day before.
“So how did the meeting with Maria’s parents go?” Christian asks when he reaches him
“Fine. Better then I accepted” Mark replies without stopping
He opens the door to his room but stop by the doorpost.
“So no problems?”
“No, your plan failed”
“What plan?” Christian asks puzzled
“Hey come on. You do anything to break us up. But nothing will. You’re just making a fool of yourself” He says a little upset
“So they approved?”
“Yes they did”
“I’ll see. Oh well, I tried” Christian says and leaves back downstairs
Mark looks after him. That was a strange reaction. Christian had given up too easily. Normally he would have kept going on and on but now the conversation had ended quickly. Not thinking more about it,Mark gets ready for the 3rd practise. When the practice and qualifying ends, there’s a small party in the Energy station. Sebastian got pole and Mark was 2nd. He’s sitting by a table with his race engineer, Ciaron Pilbeam, talking about the upcoming race and other stuff. At the bar, a beautiful lady sits down and orders a drink. She looks around, looking at the people. She lays her eyes to the table where the guys are sitting.
“That woman at the bar is staring at you” Ciaron says to Mark in the middle of a sentence
He looks her way.
“Maybe she’s looking at you” Mark says and looks back at him
“Me? I very much doubt it”
They continue talking. The lady at the bar is waiting. A few minutes later, Ciaron has to leave, leaving Mark alone. She approaches him with her glass in her hand.
“Hi” She says when she gets there and he looks up “May I join you?”
“I was just about to leave”
“You’re Mark Webber, right?” She asks and sits across him
“That’s right”
“I’m Lisa” She says and offers her hand but he doesn’t shake it
“Not wanting to be rude but what do you want?”
“Just talk. Sorry if I’m disturbing you”
“It’s not that. I just need to get back to the hotel” He says and is about to stand up
“I just wanted to talk and congratulate for your 2nd place”
“Thanks” He says and smiles a little “Are you spectator?”
“You can say that. Sorry for saying this but you really look gorgeous in real life”
“I take that as a complement. I really have to go” He says and is about to stand up again
“I have embarrassed you” She says and looks down
“It’s not that. I just got things to do”
“Is someone waiting for you? A girlfriend maybe?” She says, looking up
“No, she’s home”
“I really have to go”He says and stands up
At the same time, she does too and their eyes meet. She touches his hand with hers.
“It was nice to meet you. See you later” She says and he leaves without looking back
He knew she had been hitting on him but he would never fall for that. Something strange was going on.
Later in the evening, Mark meets other staff from the team for dinner. He just couldn’t believe his luck, the same woman was there as well. He didn’t mind a beautiful woman but it was unlikely to meet the same one twice. She says hi and sits down beside him. They were all sitting in one long table. There were a few mechanics, Ciaron and two other females from the team. The lady seemed an outsider. Christian was nowhere to be seen. Mark tries to ignore her. The food had been ordered beforehand so it arrived quickly. The conversation was mainly about the race on Sunday. The lady keeps listening and eats her food. Ciaron whispers something in Mark’s ear. It was something about her since they glimpse quickly her way. In a moment Mark excuses himself. She follows him. He knew she does. When out of the restaurant, he quickly turns around. She almost bumps into him.
“Why do you keep following me?” He asks straight away
“I don’t”
“So you just happened to be here?”
“Yes, just a coincident”
“Yeah right. If that was true, you wouldn’t have sat down at my table. Who are you?”
“Lisa of course”
“I know that. What do you do here?”
“So you remember my name?” She says smiling and put her hand on his arm
“How could I forget when we just met. So could you leave please?” He says and takes her hand away
“Maybe we could meet later for a drink”
“I don’t think so. I have to get up early tomorrow”
“Of course, I understand. Maybe tomorrow after the race”
“Not good. I have to fly home”
“So soon? No matter how the race goes?”
“Why would you care?”
“I just thought we could get to know each other better”
“You know I have a girlfriend and I don’t think she likes it if I get to know someone better, as you put it”
“She doesn’t have to know”
“You expect me to cheat on my girlfriend?”
“It hasn’t stopped you before”
“What do you know about that?” He asks suspectedly
“Something I heard”
“The only reason you know about it, is that someone has told you”
“No one did”
He thinks a while.
“Is that person called Christian Horner by any chance?”
“I wouldn’t know”
“Then I understand” He says and gets back to the restaurant, leaving her puzzled
This was it, he had enough of this crap. Christian really had sank this low. Mark had lost all his respect for him. From now on their relationship would strictly be just business. Christian had no right to interfere in his personal life. He loved Maria more then life itself. He could even marry her, if necessary. Even though they’ve only been together for a few months, he knew she was the one.

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