Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


24. Love to hate you (part 24)

Sunday arrives. Maria is sitting on the couch in Christian’s room. He wanted to talk to her. She knew what it was about. Mark were doing PR work. Before she went to her uncles room, she met Sebastian. She told him to knock on the door in 15 minutes. She didn’t tell him why. Christian arrives in 5. It was a few hours before the race would start so there were still time.
“So what is this about?” Maria asks when he gets inside
“I called your parents” He replies while sitting down on the chair, across the couch
“They want to meet Mark before they can say anything”
“Obviously. Can I go?” She says and is about to stand up
“I’m not finished yet”
“OK” She says and sits down again
“They want to meet him next Monday. And I told them my point of view of the matter”
“How much?”
“They will tell you. If they’re sensible, they will come to the same conclusion”
“If they really care, they will accept my decision”
“It’s not about accepting things”
“Yeah, yeah” She interrupts him “Heard it all before. I heard you talk to Jenny about your plan. I can’t believe you use her to get to me”
“I just want you to listen”
“Give up already. Stop treating me like a child” She says upset and gets up from the couch
“I will let your parents decide”
She doesn’t reply. She gets to the front door to leave. Sebastian was just about to knock on the door.
“Maria” He says when she walks pass him
She’s too upset to hear him. He follows her. He calls her name again and this time she stops.
“I’m sorry” She says and smiles a little
“What happened?”
“I tell you in Mark’s room”
They get there. It’s empty.
“My parents wants to meet Mark. But I know they won’t approve” She says when they get inside
“How would you know?”
“Christian could have told them anything”
“So what are you gonna do?”
“I don’t know. I can’t really say no either”
“Tell Mark”
“I will”
“Maybe it’s not the way you think. You might be surprised”
“My parents can be quite strict”
“So they want you to to live the way they do?”
“Nothing like that”
“I see. I wouldn’t care what they thought. It’s your life, right?”
“Maybe you could play my boyfriend?” She suddenly says
“So you would lie?”
“Just that bit. Just to bring the news down gently”
“What would Mark say?”
“Say what?” Mark asks, who has got back
Both of them turns around.
“My parents wants to meet you” She says and gets to him
“What is it to him?” He nods Sebastian’s way
“He could pretend to be my boyfriend. Just to bring the news down gently”
“So you think I can’t stand up for myself?”
“Nothing like that. It’s just that my parents are old-fashioned and they might not approve”
“Like Christian then?”
“A bit, yes. So how about the idea?”
“It’s silly. No offence”
“None taken. But I’m tired of explaining. I hope you understand”
“No I don’t. But OK. As long as it’s just that” He says and caress her hair “So when is it?”
“Next Monday”
“Will you do it?” She turns to ask Sebastian
“OK but you own me one” He says and gets to the front door
“I call you later about the matter”
“Bye” He says and leaves
Mark closes the door.
“Has this to do with Christian somehow?” He asks after he’s done so
“It is”
“He really has sunk this low. When he can’t brake us up, he goes to your parents. How did you get this idea anyway?”
“I don’t know. It just came up in my head. I wish we didn’t have to do it but that’s the only way”
“How long will this last?”
“Just for that day”
“Are you sure? I want to show them how much I love you” He says and gets closer to her
“I’m sure. If they start to ask too many questions, we’ll make up an excuse”
“I hope it works” He says and gives her a kiss
“We can talk about this later” She says, wrapping her arms around his neck
They kiss a while before he has to get ready for the race. Her problem was solved. Things weren’t as bad as she thought.

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