Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


22. Love to hate you (part 22)

Maria is sleeping on the couch. She didn’t watch the rest of the practise. As soon as Mark would get there, they would leave. Hopefully the journalists wouldn’t notice them. She had slept about an hour when she wakes up. She was still alone. She looks at the time. She didn’t dare to go outside and look. Her experience with the journalists had frighten her a little bit. She’s reading a magazine when suddenly the door opens. Luckily it was Mark. She gets up and gets to him to give him a hug.
“I’m so glad you came back”
“What’s wrong?”
“I should have stayed here” She says and stops hugging “I went out and a few journalists asked me questions”
“I know, I saw them too. That’s why I came this late. You didn’t say anything?”
“No I didn’t”
“Good. I’m gonna take a shower and then we can leave” He says and opens his overalls
“Did you know that there are rumours that we’re getting married and that I’m gonna have a baby?”
“Oh that’s the reason the journalists asked me weird questions”
“Like what?”
“Questions about our future plans, about my career and stuff like that”
“Maybe I shouldn’t come to the circuit”
“Don’t let some stupid journalists control over you. If you just don’t say anything, they will leave you alone eventually. I’ll be right back” He says and gives her a kiss
She sits down on the couch to wait. When he’s ready, he gets back with a towel around his waist. She stands up and gets closer to him. She lays her hands on his bare chest.
“You promised we would make love as much as I want. So why not start now?” She says and kisses him
“Let’s go to dinner first” He says and stops responding
“I can eat you” She says and moves her hand to his groin
“Not that kind of dinner” He says and smiles
“Please Mark” She says and is about to take his towel off him
“Later” He says and walks pass her
She sighs and sits back down on the couch. He gets to the other room to change to his casual clothes. When he’s finished, they leave their room. Walking downstairs, they meet Sebastian. He had just come back from the paddock. Maria says hi to him but Mark doesn’t.
“Leaving so soon?” Sebastian asks her
“Yes we are”
“A shame but we can talk tomorrow”
“Something you wanted to talk about?”
Mark looks at the time.
“Just wanted to ask about Jenny but that can wait”
“You can ask it now, I’m in no hurry”
“You heard what he said. Come, let’s go” Mark says and takes her hand
“Wait, it won’t take long” She says to him, taking her hand away
“I wait outside” He says and leaves
“What’s wrong with him?” Sebastian asks when he’s gone
“Hungry probably. So what’s the question?”
“I’m gonna ask her to come to the next race. I hope you don’t mind. I mean since the rumour and all”
“No, I don’t mind. I haven’t talked to her in a while”
“You’re still friends, aren’t you?”
“I don’t know really but you can still ask. You really like her, do you?”
“She’s a great friend”
“Sure” She says and smiles
“It’s true”
“OK. Got to go. See you tomorrow”
“Bye” He says and they both leave
She gets outside the Energy station where Mark was waiting.
“Finally. I guess you weren’t that impatient after all” He says when she gets to him
“So that’s why you were upset. We can skip dinner if you can’t wait”
“Let’s just go” He says and they start walking down the paddock
No journalists were around so they could walk in peace. A car is waiting on the parking lot, outside the circuit. They get inside with Maria on the left and Mark on the other side. The driver drives them to their hotel. Neither of them say anything. She looks at Mark, who’s looking outside the window. She lays her hand on his thigh and up to his groin. He glimpse at the driver but luckily he doesn’t see what was going on. He let’s her do it. They look at each other.
“Are you jealous that I talked to Seb?” She asks, keeping her hand where it is
“No I’m not. I know you’re not interested in him”
“There’s no need to be. He just asked if he could ask Jenny to come to the next race”
“No need to explain” He says, caressing her hair
They were getting to the hotel. It wasn’t far from the circuit. They thank for the lift and get inside the hotel. The elevator was already down. He presses to their floor. They were alone. Suddenly Mark stops the elevator and push her against the wall to kiss her passionately. He’s about to lift her skirt up when she pushes him away.
“Wait a minute. Are you sure you want to do it here?”
“Yeah” He says and starts to kiss her again
“How about dinner?”
“Be quiet. This won’t take long” He says opening his pants to take them down
She takes her panties off. She wraps her arms around his neck. He lifts her skirt up to her waist and takes her against the elevator wall. She tries to hold her moans but find it hard to. She let’s out small shrieks when he enters her. Her legs wrapped around his waist, he stops kissing her. He leans his hands against the wall and looks at her. She keeps her eyes closed. He increases the speed and in a moment he reaches his peak. She opens her eyes. Him still inside her, she’s about to scream.
“Not here” He says and withdraws, letting her feet down on the floor
She turns him around so he’s against the wall and kisses him passionately. She lifts his T-shirt up. He stops responding to her kisses.
“We better continue this in our room”
“Hurry up baby” She says and unwraps her arms
He puts his pants back on and makes the elevator move again. She takes her panties from the floor. They step out of the elevator and get to their room. As soon as they’re inside, they take their clothes off. They do it on the floor. Dinner was the last thing on their minds.

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