Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


19. Love to hate you (part 19)

Three weeks later, Maria is in school with Jenny. They were living a normal life. Maria had tried to forget Mark and somehow she had managed. Her exams were about to start so she kept her head clear. She hadn’t talked to her uncle since the day in the motor home. The school day is over. The girls stay in the computer classroom, surfing the net. Jenny suddenly starts to laugh out loud. Maria looks at her.
“What is it?”
“Come and have a look” She says and Maria stands up to do so
On the screen there’s a picture of Mark and his girlfriend. The picture is ripped apart and above it’s written in capital letters; BREAK UP. Under there’s a smaller picture of Maria and him, standing close to each other, her hand on his chest. “Is she the reason?” the text says underneath. Maria sits back in front of the computer. She continues to do her stuff.
“He’s free, aren’t you happy?” Jenny says excited
“Then why haven’t he called?”
“Maybe he’s just been busy. The season is not over yet”
“Well, it seems he’s in no hurry to tell me. Maybe it was his thoughts after all”
“Call him then”
“He should take the first step. If he doesn’t, it’s his problem”
“Maybe they broke up last week. There can be different reasons”
“Maybe that’s just a rumour. I doubt he will call. He probably forgot all about me”
“Forget you? No way. I’m sure he thinks about you now. At least deep inside”
“I know you try to sheer me up but if he did, he would have called me straight away. He doesn’t want me any more. And telling you the truth, I don’t think I feel the same either”
“You’re just saying that because you feel disappointed. When you meet him again, you’ll change your mind”
“He broke my heart and I can’t trust a person like that. Should we go?”
“I go. You stay” She suddenly says and gets her backpack to leave
Maria turns around and sees Mark standing behind. She closes the computer and takes her backpack. She walks pass him without looking at him. He grabs her arm gently.
“Aren’t you saying hi?”
“Hi” She says without any eye contact
“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I know I was unfair to you. I want you to forgive me”
“Don’t bother” She says and let’s herself go
“I know you’re upset. I should have called but there was so much to handle”
“How hard is it to pick up the phone? I only found out today that you two split up” She says upset, looking at him
“My mistake. I’m here now”
“And then you leave again. We only have sex in common, you said. Did you come here for that?”
“Can we go somewhere to talk?”
“You talk and explain why you left me in the first place. Did you come here for the picture?” She says still upset
“I came here to tell you what a fool I’ve been. I shouldn’t have listened to anyone. We do have other things in common then just sex. I don’t know what I was thinking”
“So Christian said something?”
“Don’t blame him. He was right in one thing”
“What was that?”
“That you’re addictive and that you would do anything to make a person feel good about themselves” He says and gets closer to her
“Don’t think I can just forget what you said to me”
“It doesn’t matter. Can’t we start over again? Now we don’t shave to hide any more. Now we can be together where ever we want” He says caressing her hair “Can you forgive me?”
She looks at him. Jenny was right. She would fall for him again. She drops her backpack and wraps her arms around his neck.
“Mark, I wished you would come back” She says and kisses him
He wraps his arms around her and they kiss passionately.
“Let’s go out to dinner and continue where we left off” He says after the kiss
She takes her backpack and they leave, her hand in his.
“Tell me how she found about us”
“Sometimes the paparazzi do something useful” He says while they walk out of the school building
She was happy again. She had got her love back.

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